Ola and PatnaBeats celebrate Women power!

This International Women’s Day, Olacabs in association with PatnaBeats took up the initiative to recognize the contributions of ten forward thinking women from Patna, who have successfully broken the glass ceiling and have overcome gender constraints to shine in their respective fields.

The list includes Entrepreneurs, Social workers, Activists, Singers, RJs, Journalists, Women’s Right Activists and Ola’s very own female drivers. Ola arranged for a ‘Power Women’ award and a small gift basket for these women and PatnaBeats pitched in with some goodies from their end as well in order to appreciate the work done by the ladies.

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Some of the people who received the gifts included Nivedita Shakeel, journalist and women’s right activist, Meenakshi Jha Banerjee, a professional Madhubani painter, Best known for her experimentation with the traditional elements of Mithila art forms, Meenakshi Jha Banerjee is a contemporary professional painter, belonging to Madhubani. Her skills now are no more confined within the pristine but have been evolved as a unique piece of art.
Rj Anjali Singh, who has been the voice of Patna for over a decade, She is one such person who is eagerly waited to be heard on the radio daily by thousands of her audience. Her zealous and blissful vibes seem to penetrate through the radio and flourish the mood of her listeners with fun and inspiration. She is a perfect example of a woman with potential.  Shazia Quaiser who came up with a unique and different idea of opening a SHOE LAUNDRY in the whole of Bihar. Shazia from Patna desired to face every challenge courageously and left no stone unturned in catering to the satisfaction of her customers. The result is there to be seen today.

Along with the women mentioned above, Ola also reached out to some key businesswomen, women right activists and journalists. An exemplary example is also Ms Priti who runs her own media house in the city. Amongst these women also stood out Ms Chanda and Ms Anjali- our very own Ola Auto drivers partners in the city.

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The women were pleasantly surprised and were very happy to receive the gifts from Ola and Patna Beats.

We appreciate and respect these women who are standing up tall and striving to pursue their interests bravely. We hope more women are encouraged to pursue what they dream of fearlessly and create an impactful change in some aspect of life.


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Quote of the day:“I am a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Women, that's me.” 
― Maya Angelou