Oh! You are Bihari

Are you from Bihar? Oh! You are Bihari. Then you must be expert in corruption, have all the bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. You may have police record. So this is India’s opinion about Bihar. Actually this word ‘Bihar’ has become synonym of poverty, corruption, backwardness, violence and failed governance. Both print and digital media coverage are responsible for this general opinion about Bihar.

So what is the reality?

Ashoka Chakra comes from Bihar which adorns India’s national flag.

No matter how awkward the name Litti Chokha might sound to you, it is a dish that Biharis get pretty emotional about and on the mere mention of it starts a series of stories of how and when this dish is made. Other than this they thoroughly relish sattu, be it in form of food or as a drink. So, basically you would be exposed to an exquisite range of cuisines.

Biharis sing all the time, be it when they are singing (which is obvious) but also while talking. Their accent is so unique that though Biharis earlier used to shy away from sounding Bihari, now it is a ‘Cool’ thing. I must say ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ has made it ‘IN’ to talk in that accent which earlier was looked up with an unusual expression. So, not only will you thoroughly enjoy a unique language but also the accent will make you sing and dance on the ‘oO Womaniyaa’ number with grace.

How they love Chhath, is not hidden from the nation. It becomes nationwide news when the festival of Chhath comes; every Bihari celebrates this day with grandeur and pomp. All trains to Bihar are jam-packed with people rushing to participate in the celebration.

They are great orators. Even the lamest of the lame person can willingly or unwillingly participate in a debate and make you puzzled as to how they ended up talking about it.

And last, but not the least

Bihari ain’t any language! It is Maithili, Magahi, Bhojpuri etc.!