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Nalanda’s Bawan Buti Sarees to represent India in UN

 Bawan Buti sarees of Nalanda, Bihar will represent Indian Handicraft in United Nations. For the International level awards given to handicraft by UN, ‘UNESCO SEAL OF EXCELLENCE’ ,these sarees will be sent by India. This award is also known as Seal award.Central Textile Ministry has taken the decision to send this work to the competition which will held in coming year.Hence, this art will get the award this year and the world will be exposed to it. bawan buti

Sujni has got the UNESCO SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD this year. Nalanda’s Bawan Buti has all the features to  get the award this year. Next year Bawan Buti will be sent for this SEAL award”, said Sujata Prashad,Advisor of Central Textile Ministry.

bawan buti

Other than sarees, the artisans also designed and created beautifully patterned home textiles and fabrics which used to adorn the homes of the rich and the famous. But with the passage of time, this wonderful art passed in to oblivion.These buti or Motifs created of Dots  which is a pure hand work and requires special skills, where artisans have to do needle work on the fabric and it takes day & half to complete one saree.

It is interesting to know that first President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad loved this art. Basawan Bigha is famous for its cotton weaves. The weavers of this village had made curtains and supplied fabric to Rashtrapati Bhawan for the first president of India Dr Rajendra Prasad. The weavers still refer to those designs as Rashtrapati Bhawan designs.Nepura is another village which is famous for their weaves of Bawan Buti (52 motifs) handloom silk sarees.

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In 2009, Delhi-based Asian Heritage Foundation, aided by the World Bank, and Japan Development Social Fund gave the weaves of Basawan Bigha an international makeover. It is exciting to see the art of Bihar representing at the global platform of UN.

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