MS Dhoni | A Knight We Don’t Deserve!

When I first saw you play, I couldn’t help but laugh at you, I still do sometimes when you are defending the ball with your foot nowhere to the pitch of the ball, you do it front on many a times and trust me its hilarious. You had the ability to hit sixes and that seemed all that you had in you at the beginning.

But slowly, the class showed. You proved that things like right posture and technique are just ‘things’ that you should know about to be in the reckoning. No matter what you lack, in the end what matters is what you do with what you have and not cry over what you don’t or can’t have. You defied the odds, you showed if you have the grit and the determination and the will to excel you can achieve anything & everything you want. All you need is a head and a heart. I see you as a person who has watched a lot of cricket and was frustrated watching the countless collapses that led to India losing so many times that you made it a point to see it through every time its possible.

2nd April 2011 was one of the biggest days that Indian cricket has seen. when kohli’s wicket fell, you came out to bat ahead of an in form yuvraj in the world cup final and brought the cup home after 28 long years and yet people across the country used terms like ‘selfish’ , ‘Lucky’, ‘glory seeker’ and what not. I mean seriously? And then u call yourself fans? It was more than obvious that it was a move to protect yuvraj from facing a lot of Murali in those mid overs. Yuvraj is a terrible player of wrist spin, or spin as a whole for that matter( If you’ve really watched cricket you know this). Besides, you had played Murali in nets courtesy IPL cricket( they both were in CSK then). It made sense when you came out to bat ahead of yuvraj. It was selfless and intelligent at the same time. That move had a lot to do with the world cup coming home. yuvraj coming out to bat and getting out cheaply at that point of the match could have meant a huge momentum shift which might have cost us the match( remember he was in a poor form all throughout the tournament, he couldn’t possibly have thought that he was destined to play that innings and just went out like an ambitious teen, it was just an intelligent precautionary move).

Its time we don’t let our emotions get the better of us all the time and start putting some thought in a logical way. Its high time us Indians learned that. With one of the best cricketing heads on your shoulder, the amazing fitness and the man management skills, and most importantly the determination, you have certainly earned your way into my list of people who inspire me. You were a good cricketer even during the early days of your career but in the past few years you have taken a giant leap and you find your name among the greats now winning all the major ICC tournaments. As a hardcore cricket fan who takes pride in calling himself a fan who not just loves cricket but understands it as well I’ve seen what you’ve done while you were at it and you have my respect for that. You’ll win some, you’ll lose some. It’s those days when your heroes are down that they need our support. If we can’t do that we shouldn’t call ourselves fans. If you are a person who watches cricket because you get bored and you need something to kill that boredom please stop calling yourselves fans and get addicted to one of those reality shows playing out there. Haters will say what they want to and they are within their rights to do so but as a proud Indian cricket fan I thank you for gracing this beautiful game and making this team a team that believes in making it to the finals and actually winning it (which of course the last team lacked. Haters will get the drift!). I’m pretty sure that by the time you are done, you are certainly going to find yourself placed in the list of top 10 greatest ODI cricketers ever!

On This Day 11 Years ago, MS Dhoni made his debut in ODI, and got runout on Duck!
And the rest is History!

• Only Captain to Win all Three ICC Trophies – WT20, CWC, CT
• Only Indian Captain to lead Team India No.1 in Test Rankings.
• Most wins as an Indian captain in each of the three formats.
• Highest average for an Indian Batsman in ODI’s (Min 500 runs)
• Most not outs in successful run chases – 38*
One in a Billion – Mahendra Singh Dhoni!


MS Dhoni you inspire me!!!

– An Indian cricket fan