Mithila Makhaan bags the National Award

It’s that time of the year again when the best in cinema across the country in various languages is honored. The 63rd National Film Awards are back and the winners have been awarded with the national award by the President of India.

The National Awards for films, which were started as an annual incentive by the Government of India, for the making of artistic, competent and meaningful films have come a long way, to cover the entire national spectrum of Indian Cinema, to judge merit by the highest possible yardstick and to become the most coveted and prestigious awards in the country.

Ramesh Sippy, chaired the 11-member jury for the selection of movies this year.

The Best Maithili Film Award goes to : Mithila Makhaan directed by Nitin Neera Chandra and co produced by Neetu Chandra

Mithila Makhaan is a Maithili film  shot in Bihar, Delhi and Toronto, Canada. Its a story of a young entrepreneur in Darbhanga.

Mithila Makhaan 2
Kranti Prakash Jha and Anurita Jha are the main leads of this film while noted film actor Pankaj Jha plays the villain ‘Brahma Singh’.From the trailor , the film looks promising in terms of storyline , acting , language and technical scenario.The popular maithili cine artists Premlata Mishra and Pankaj Jha are also in this film. Iconic Hindi-Maithili singer Udit Narayan Jha has given his voice in the film.
The film’s protagonist returns to his ancestral home from Toronto after 23 years to find out that the 2008 Kosi flood had ravaged his village.To live the dream of his grandfather he decides to re-start the business of Makhana distribution.The movie is narrates his struggle to bring back the village to its original form and and his relationship with the other characters in the film.

Neetu Chandra wrote this on her Facebook wall : THANK YOU ‪‎Nitin Neera chandra‬ for giving me this opportunity to stand by you. You deserve every bit of this. Thank you each n everyone for believing in my perseverance n consistency. I learn everyday ! Gratitude !

While Nitin Chandra wrote this on his Facebook Wall : अहां सभक धन्यवाद l पूरा बिहार आर मिथिलांचल के जे सम्मान भेंटल अइछ, इ सम्मान हमरा सभ क आर आगु बढ़वक अछ l हमनी के भाषा संस्कृति साहित्य सिनेमा लोक कला सब के जहिया सम्मान होखि, तबे हम बिहारी लोग के पूर्ण विकासशील राज्य के सपना देख सकेनि जा l Like Neetu Chandra says “More rooted you are, more global you would be”. तो हम सब लोग इस कारवाँ को आगे बढ़ाए और हर साल बिहार को ये सम्मान मिले l जय हिंद l जय बिहार l

Here you can watch the trailer of the movie:

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