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Meet Siddhant Sarang, an 18 year old to receive Diana Award

You must have remembered the view of 2008 Kosi floods, the destruction and the lives that left us. At those hard times, many people and groups came out to help the flood-affected people of Kosi areas. Among them, we had many social activists and journalists who stayed there at work for people. Some took their family along with them. The scene of the flood not just changed the lives of sufferers but initially it affected the visitors too. An 8-year boy got his motto for change when he accompanied his parents in the rescue team. Today, the same boy is going to get awarded with the prestigious Diana Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution, voluntary and selfless work to society.Meet, Siddhant Sarang, an 18-year-old who has been recognized for his efforts at a tender age, his work for social action and humanitarian approach.

Siddhant Sarang

The Diana Award is given to young minds who have worked for society at a young age. The process of choosing the nomination is through a form filling, in which an adult recommends a young change maker, fills the form and send the work. The work is then checked by the team and the nominated candidate is then selected for the award.

Siddhant Sarang

The award, named after the late Princess Diana, recognizes young people aged 9 to 25 years, who are carrying out their activity for a minimum of 12 months and have made an outstanding and selfless contribution to their communities. This year The Diana Award celebrates its 20th anniversary year. Established in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, the Award is given out by the charity of the same name and has the support of both her sons, The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex. This year 85 inspirational youngsters from around the world have been selected for the award. The Diana Award Team has prepared a 100 words case study on Siddhant’s life and is published in the ‘Roll of Honour 2019‘ with other award winners on their website.

Siddhant Sarang

Siddhant Sarang is a first-year student of Delhi University but has been working against environmental protection, gender discrimination and inequality from his school. In eighth class, he started Youth Frontliners, a youth-led organization with his classmates for environmental conservation and started a monthly magazine ‘Nature Lifeline’ dedicated to environmental awareness by adding pocket money with his friends. Sidhant Sarang made a 3 minutes short documentary film titled ‘She Tells Story’, in which the struggle of rural women and girls has been shown. He has generated awareness against the dreaded diseases amongst masses as per the guidance of the World Health Organization and has raised substantial donations for cancer patients in India with Cancer Aid Society, for which he was awarded a badge and certificate. He got inspiration to work for society after seeing the plight and misery of 2008 Bihar’s Koshi flood aggrieved people.

Siddhant Sarang

Talking to PatnaBeats, Siddhant shared his journey,
“My father is a journalist and he actively participated in 2008 Kosi Flood rescue and I accompanied my mother and father in the team. From there, I always wanted to work for the environment or do something that creates a difference. Since childhood, I have watched my parents being socially active and working for people at nearby villages. In class 7th, I called my few friends, collected some art lovers, they drew posters on environmental messages. Few wrote articles on it and we transformed that in a word file. It was just 4 pages print, we gave it  to our director and he loved our output and initially, the magazine came out this way.”

Siddhant Sarang

Siddhant has completed his schooling from DAV School, Muzaffarpur. His father Santosh Sarang who is the Chief Editor of Prabhat Khabar, Muzaffarpur has initiated an all-woman News Network in 2007 named ‘Apan Samachar’ handled by Siddhant’s mother Rinku Kumari. It is run by girls and woman from villages, illiterate females are trained and they work on the media channel. Discovery, German TV and many channels came to the place to cover many documentary films on them. Watching those documentary makers, camera handlers, Siddhant got eager to learn photography and he slowly observed his father. Since then, the fire of documentary films ignited in Sarang’s mind. His documentary ‘She Tells Story’ which was released 2 years ago is based on the struggle of girls to get an education. The documentary reflects the real struggle of girls walking through long narrow lanes and covering a huge distance for school. Already shot 3 documentary films, Sarang is still enthusiastic about finding new stories for research and documentation.

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Siddhant Sarang

Asking the first-year student about his future goals, he quoted, “I want to continue my work on documentary film making and I aspire to be a social activist working keenly for the society for that I am preparing for IAS entrance exam. My father always dreamt be an IAS, I wish to fulfill his dream.”

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