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Meet Mukesh Hissariya, The Man Who Lives For Humanity!


In this present era, when most of the people are becoming self-centred and materialistic, there are some people who are less concerned about themselves and more concerned about the well-being of others. One such person is Mr. Mukesh Hissariya.

Mukesh Hissariya, who lives in Patna alongwith his family is a businessman by profession and a social worker by passion. Apart from being the owner of Jeevan Glucose Company, he also runs a virtual blood bank. The website was launched on 1st October, 2011 and more than 1500 registrations have been made till date. Through this website, blood is donated to the needy, free of cost.

Mukesh, the pioneer of this blood donation website says,” I believe that a life dedicated to the service of others is worth living rather than a life in which one is concerned only about himself and his family. By helping others, Mukesh Hissariya gets a sense of inner peace and satisfaction.The Kapil Sharma

The website has approximately 250 businessmen as its members who work rigorously to spread awareness among the masses concerning blood donation. He has even created groups on Whatsapp  and is part of more than 100 groups from across India to facilitate blood donation in an easier way. Along with this, the group also organises a free health check-up camp every year.Mukesh Hissariya

“Mukesh is a thorough social worker and he leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping others,”says his wife.

He not only saves lives by promoting blood donation but also gives people the opportunity to create new lives by organizing community marriages. His foundation bears the expense of the marriages of 51 girls, every year.

King KhanThe popularity of Mukesh is not confided to his native place only. He was invited by Siddharth Basu, the director of KBC and had the opportunity to meet the Superstar of Bollywood, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He even had the privilege of meeting the Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, at an event, where he requested Shah Rukh to incorporate scenes related to blood donation in his upcoming movies in order to create more awareness among the people.

“I believe that the masses follow celebrities to a great extent and if they do something positive and inspiring, the people would surely step into their shoes,”says Mukesh.

He, himself has donated blood a number of times and is ready to help others at all times. Mukesh is infused with the spirit of compassion and generosity and says that the happiness and satisfaction that one gets after seeing a smiling face full of gratitude is more rewarding than any materialistic gain.

A person like Mukesh Hissariya is really difficult to find these days and we congratulate him at the great job that he does and wish him all the success for his future endeavors.

Watch the below video to know how Mukesh spreads the message across Bihar for the requirement of Blood.

Also Watch the below video where Mr. Shahruk Khan as requested by Mukesh appealed for blood donation during the trailer launch of his movie ‘Fan’. 

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