Meet Boyo! A Bihar-based one-stop-shop for all the healthy snack lovers

Meet Boyo! A Bihar-based one-stop-shop for healthy snack lovers

When the pandemic was at its prime and we were stuck at our homes, helplessly losing to the unhealthy lifestyle, Papa Boyo came up with an idea that nobody knew would emerge as one of the leading forums for a healthy snacking option. Here’s what we got to know in a brief chit-chat with Papa Boyo about his child Boyo.

What is BOYO?

BoYo, the new brand, under the parent company BellyFit.Pvt.Ltd., was invented to celebrate the Bold inherent traits of humans and the courageous attitude, of whatever may come, we’ll bounce back with equal vivacity! A brand meant for the bold ones, for the ones who are ready to overcome and empower. A healthy snacking brand, a one-stop for shopaholics, wishing to lead a healthy lifestyle without compromising the tasty and the yummy!

As a brainchild of Amar, BoYo provides a numerous range of healthy snacking options, without compromising on food ethics and nutritional values. Started with just some sprout seed mixes, today, the shelves have become even more spacious, incorporating a wide range of diverse products, satiating those everyday cravings, for something more, something apt!

Who can benefit from your brand and how?

Though Papa Boyo (founder-Amar), feels more connected to Gen Z, owing to the changing dynamics of the current tech-savvy scenario, where the youth is well aware of online markets and shops vivaciously; there is no age limit for the ones who could gain the benefits.

The healthy snacking provided, comes at ease now, not just to the kids and youth of today, but even to the age-old ones, who definitely want to eat healthy.

With growing awareness about the importance of staying fit (especially after the pandemic), have made people realize the fact, that health is not what is to be compromised at any cost. And so the initiative of all to try and eat healthy, has been made somewhat easier by BoYo, by incorporating the mind-blowing and all-time favourite flavours, into the healthy stuff!

One just has to grab BoYo packs, and get started, for the health-filled yumminess, is what we guarantee!

What is it that makes your brand different?

An all-time heartiest devotion to the most important need of today- staying fit and sound, with the lovable blend of exotic and tasteful flavours, catering to the cravings of all, is what makes BoYo different.

Moreover, the founder, often known as Papa Boyo, signifies boldly, the caretaking nature of a father, who ensures safety for his child. Similar to that, here in BoYo, personalized care is taken by Papa Boyo, who not only ensures the food ethics but also improves and innovates at every possible step.

To celebrate the Bold human spirit of bouncing back, and striving to achieve, is what BoYo celebrates, and is proud of.

Where can they get your products from?

The products are easily available at the official website and can even be found in nearby stores or online marketing webpages like Amazon, Flipkart, Beatskart, shopee and more. For any queries, we are just a mail away [email protected].

Any story behind that you would like to share that makes it more interesting

During the stressful times of pandemic, like everyone else, Amar, founder of the brand ‘Chakhnashot’, too was disheartened. People even advised him to shut down the brand, but who knows the bounds of passion? He kept pushing his thoughts forward and continued moving with the same pace of vivacity. When all were busy, either trying some new recipes or sweeping the house clean with a broom, stuck in the boring lockdown, Amar talked to his mother, saddened by the sufferings, Covid gave to millions. His mother in turn pushed him to the core, commanding her boy, “why not do something rather than being just sad about it!” The bow aptly hit the eye, and Amar, stirred through this new inspiration of his. With natural ingredients and readily available stuff, he invented the recipe and meal of sprout seed mix (the first product of BoYo) and shared it with his friends, family and neighbours. After receiving, positive feedback, it was time to hit the floor again! BoYo: Bold as You, a new brand by Amar, emerged as one of today’s leading forums for a healthy snacking option, meant exclusively for the ones looking for a healthy way to snack without wanting to give up on those relishing experience of taste and yumminess. With increasing new products and inspiring and encouraging feedback from our loved customers, the brand is happy to grow and diversify.

*We will be delighted to enlarge our family of encouragers and supporters to carry out such missions, to help and be proud. For any further details or queries, one can visit our webpage or we are just a mail away, [email protected]. You can also contact 9560-233-234 to connect with us. Moreover, you can see the impact your contribution is making to the world by visiting or can even scan the QR codes available at the packs.

Be a BoYo Angel, because the welfare of each is bound up in the welfare of all!

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