Meet Bandana Jain, who is making stylish furniture out of cardboard

Meet Bandana Jain, who is making stylish furniture out of cardboard

Did you ever think of sitting on a chair or a bench created out of cardboard? Seems Impossible, right?
But that was not the case with Bandana Jain when she thought of the same.
Far beyond our imagination, Bandana Jain, a native of Thakurganj, District Kishanganj, Bihar, has given a form to this thought of hers.
Bandana Jain is an award-winning Contemporary Artist and a Luxury Sustainable Design Practitioner. 
Born in a Marwari family, she completed her education in the government school and college of Bihar. She graduated in commerce however her heart always leaned towards art.

Bandana, with her hard work and perseverance, cracked admission at JJ School of Art, Mumbai. She took classes from a former student of the college and spent 12-14 hours of every day practicing till her entrance exam.

As an artist, Bandana has always been keen to experiment with sustainable or recycled materials. Her artistic vision encourages her to create something stunning and give life to these discarded elements.
For Bandana, her work is not just a piece of art but a root to make the world a better place.

Homemade Aachar

The most challenging part for Bandana was to maintain the quality of her work. It was difficult to find good-quality recycled cardboard.
“All the raw materials are handpicked by me. I check the condition and finalize them according to my need”, says Bandana in conversation with PatnaBeats. 

Cutting the recycled cardboard wasn’t easy. She researched and made a blade that won’t destroy the cardboard and cut it easily. Although, it was difficult to give it a shape.

After spending three months with the capital of 13,000 ₹, her first product, a sofa, made up of recycled corrugated sheets was ready. At that time, she realized it was too expensive and thought of dropping the idea. But somehow, it all worked out in the end.
“Some great work can come from Silly ideas,” says Bandana.

 “Sustainability was already imbibed, in our cultural roots, like kulhars & pattal, but these days they are rarely seen. This pandemic taught us lots of things and, one of them was to go sustainable,” said Bandana.

From holding an exhibition at NSE ground, Goregaon to getting associated with leading art collectors in India, she has come a long way.
In the last two years, Bandana has also conducted knowledge sessions on Luxury Brand Management in top B schools of the country.
Bandana has also created some beautiful artwork for Taj Group of Hotels, Aditya Birla, JSW, and even RPG Group, to name a few.
She also manages India’s only Cardboard Studio in South Mumbai. You can see some thought-provoking artwork and wall sculptures installed from a very unconventional, eco-friendly material.

In talk with PatnaBeats, Bandana says, “I took advantage of the pandemic. The lockdown has given me time to think things differently. I have an observational approach when it comes to my inspiration.”

Bandana Says,’ Students who want to make their way in designing field, Be confident about what they are doing and Be patient.”

It was Bandana’s patience that took her where she is now, she aspires to take this to the International Markets.  

Pandemic has played a role in delaying her plan, but that doesn’t stop her. 

Humanity and sustainability are two intrinsic values of every true religion, it completes the circle of goodness.”  – Bandana Jain.

Some of her works –

Know more about her work on her Website and her Instagram page  bandanajainstudio. 

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