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Mayank Kashyap, brought up in Patna and presently living in New Delhi, is an MBA graduate in Finance. He is a voracious reader, avid blogger and book reviewer. He is also a contributing author of Love Bytes:20 tales of love and Melody of life. His blog – Snappy Thoughts is rated among the top 50 blogs in its category. Obsessed with coffee, aliens and novels, he is a die-hard fan of Saurav Ganguly and Leo Messi.

In conversation with PatnaBeats, Mayank spoke about his new novel ‘The Forbidden Line‘ and much more:

1. You are a blogger first and author next. Share your blogging experience.

I’m definitely a writer first. I perpetually desired to write a novel, but I wasn’t certain about the reactions I would get. Then I decided to start my blog SNAPPY  THOUGHTS  ( .  My first article received almost 3000 views in 2 days. Afterthat I kept writing and promoting it everywhere. I was acknowledged with an award and soon I was named among the Top 50 bloggers. Later, I also started getting offers to review books and fortunately it went well. I was having a pile of books to review. It took a lot of effort and time and this was the reason why I started charging for book reviews and promoting it on my blog. My blog contains articles, poems, short stories, interviews and book reviews. These days I’m not really active in my blog, but yes, I manage to update it 2-3 times in a month.

2. Tell us about your book.

The story is about Virat, who is completely different from what his dad wants him to be. With Manya, Pulkit and Saurav, his life is perfect. Until one fateful day, when his world falls apart. Now Virat has only one aim in his mind, Redemption. In order to arrange the broken pieces of his life, he ends up losing everything he had.
I can say that this is a story about everyone, who stands for what they believe in and for what they believe is right at any cost. My book also deals with a major social issue and will help you to find a hero within you. This is a book which will force you to smile, cry and make you feel loved.

3. The story runs in the backdrop of Patna. Is it to focus readers of Patna?

I’m seriously laughing over here. This is quite a reason, though. Ok, to be honest the reason behind this is my love for Patna. This city has made me what I’m today. I have done my 10th and 12th from D.A.V Public School, Khagaul. I’ve done my graduation from Patna University. Like any other people, I have also spent my evenings in Maurya Lok and Boring road having momos, chowmien, litti chokha and masala cold drink. In Patna, I have learned what life is all about. Still, whenever I find time, I book a ticket for my hometown. I can proudly say that Patna is among the best cities in India. I have paid my tribute to Patna with this book and I would like to declare that no matter where I’m, I love Patna.

4. Is there any sequel or any new experience of the narrator coming in from of the next book?

As of now there is no such plan but I’m working on a new script.

5. After winning prizes for blogging, you choose to write romance- the comfortable genre. Why?

Ouch! That hurts.
Yes, Romance is a very significant part of my story. But then it is also about brotherhood, redemption and standing for what you believe in. I believe my story is a mixture of  various emotions and love anyway rise above everything.
This is what ace blogger and book reviewer Aayesha hakim said about my book-

“This book has so much to offer more than just romance. The message that you have to push yourself beyond the forbidden lines without fears and doubt and find yourself and why you were brought into this world is a takeaway for the readers.”

6. Would you like to share few tips for the aspiring authors?

Before writing a book, read a lot of novels and when I say a lot, it really means a lot of novels. Then write, re-write and write again. Have patience and keep interacting with different peoples. Never write for the sake of writing or to get fame. Write only if you are passionate about it. Always remember that writing is another form of worship and meditation.

7. How difficult it was to write a book?

Look writing is not actually very difficult but it requires a lot of discipline. I will be very frank about this, publishing a work is much more difficult than writing it. The real war starts from the point when you finish your story.

8. You have already released 2 breathtaking book trailers of ‘The Forbidden Line’ on your YouTube channel. Should we expect few more?

You never know.

Below is the 2nd trailer of his Book “The Forbidden Line

PatnaBeats wishes Mayank all the luck for his future endeavour!!

You can order his book ‘”The Forbidden Line” online at Amazon, Kindle, Google play, and Pustak mandi or Via Whatsapp mesaage.