Making the most out of the lockdown: try homeschooling for coming days

That’s the beauty of apocalypse, it frightens even the most daring heart. A nationwide lockdown of 21 days has been imposed by our honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on Tuesday evening. During such times boredom easily creeps in but this is the need of the hour. It would be in our best interest to sit home and retrospect. Well, it can get quite depressing but let’s not hold onto the negativity. Explore the good side of it.

We’ve been so busy with our regular life that we often forget to take a break. Even the weekends pass by worrying about the work. So here’s mother nature listening to all our pleads and offering us ample time to reflect and relax. Let us not brood over the things we can’t change instead let’s relish in the joy of togetherness. Rejoice with our loved ones while we still got time.

Well, this 21 days lockdown reminds me of the ’21 days habit rule’. It takes 21 days to develop a new habit. The so often repeated idea soon became a fact. Only recently, studies proved that transforming action into a habit depends more on the nature of the action than on the number of days. Still, 21 days is an enigmatic number to start with.

Had a thing for writing but fell short of time? Why not start now? Begin writing a personal diary! Or maybe experience the goodness of meditation.

How about reading offline? Starting a new hobby, enroll in a short course.

Let’s take up the 21 days challenge as there is so much you can attain. All you gotta do is stay motivated and do the right thing. This again is an incredible time to reconnect. Dust your old books and photo albums, listen to your long lost playlist, read those old greetings from your friends and family.

Speaking of working parents who fail to spend enough time with their little ones, this is a huge opportunity when you can reconcile with your kid whilst you work from home. The uncertainties surrounding the reopening of schools makes it difficult for a parent to help their child keep up. Thus the role of homeschooling has become more vital than ever. As enticing as it sounds, it can get tricky.

There are two aspects to it, one is to help your kid keep up with the academics as it’s natural for them to get distracted. It’s your duty to talk them through it, help them realize the importance of studying on a regular basis, constantly motivate them to reach their goals. Don’t forget to reward them for completing those goals! It’s not easy to become your kid’s tutor suddenly if you haven’t been catching up but give your best to come up with solutions to their problems. Make them understand the significance of small breaks amid several sessions.

But all of this forms a small part, looking into the bigger picture you would realize that you can use this period to bond with your kid over art, games or even general science! Be compassionate, cater to their needs. Be creative while discussing ideas. Help them reach conclusions and find solutions to their problems. Most importantly, let your child know that you will be a constant support to them and they can always count on you. You would never regret this delightful stretch of time where you’ll make memories with your loved ones.

It’s rightly said, ‘Life is lived in moments’.

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So the gist is let us keep the skepticisms and apprehensions surrounding the crisis aside and look out for better days. Help each other out of these troublesome days. Alone we’re just a drop of water but together we’re an ocean. Spread awareness. Be kind to one another, this catastrophe too shall pass away.

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Quote of the day-“The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.”
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