Love to eat, hangout and listen to music? Patna has just got a new place for you
Broaster chicken, patna

Love to eat, hangout and listen to music? Patna has just got a new place for you

Broaster chicken, patnaBroaster chicken.jpg`1Patna has really picked pace in the past few decades in the race of urbanization occurring in a smooth and phased manner. The city has started to attract investments, create jobs, have strong infrastructure, and most importantly, upgrade the standard of living of its citizens. The youth of Patna, like any other, are attracted by a better quality life. Set up of different malls, restaurants, parlors, shopping areas, educational hubs, encourages the foundation of a well-planned city. The very new food outlet in West Boring Canal road (opposite to Zee Saheb) adds to the booming of the city. We praise their efforts to give Patna something new. Recently it has been the talk of the town due to its ultimate theme and eye-catchy arrangements. From food to decor, the ‘Genuine Broaster Chicken’ exactly suits the funky need of the youth and fulfils their requirement of having some really cool hangout joint.Broaster chicken, patna

Get broasted as America’s favourite chicken is now in Patna. Nothing brings people together like good food. With the opening of the world-wide chain “Broaster Chicken”, Patnaites can now feast on wholesome and healthy appetizing American dishes. The place resembles that of an American Diner that gives you retro feeling. The food is value for money and there is a lot more to explore in both veg and non-veg items.

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Genuine Broaster Chicken has tied up with Yellow Tie Hospitality, an India-based food, and beverage franchise management company to open its outlets in India. Credits for the foundation of this legendary food brand in Patna goes to JPC Associate. In order to cater to the local taste, the company has roped in celebrity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi as their ambassador who has added a few personal desi twist to the menu. This is incredible combination retaining the Indo-American touch.



WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 00.53.01Broaster chicken is totally an exception to the restaurant rule because of its peculiar and exciting venue with a casual vintage vibe and use of American merchandise like American baseball helmets. The decor appears more like a typical old school neighborhood American diner with rustic vintage furniture and mosaic mirror walls along with white and brick wall furnish, ornamental window and American upholstery. Along with the nice and cozy sitting arrangements, the painted chicken jokes and puns add more to the quirky ambience. Spending an evening at the broasters is bound to keep you thinking that you have arrived in a Metropolitan city.

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When food and music come hand in hand, it turns a heaven for their lovers. You can have good food anywhere but what adds feather to the cap is music. This place is sure to delight you with its pretty decent playlist. You can always relax yourself as the music, mostly from the 90’s playlist, tends to detach you from the hustle-bustle of the city, drowning you into symphony. One can have a great time at the action going around with lots of eating possibility especially on Wednesdays. There is a live jamming in broasters on every Wednesdays when you can see live music streaming before you as you settle down. A singer with a guitar and extremely sweet voice will liven up your visit. A screen on the wall won’t let you miss your favorite team’s match or the latest news updates. It’s is indeed a perfect place to relax and chill out.


Broaster chicken5Broaster chicken4Get in for a surprise as in broasters you get lots to choose from affordably priced variety of delicacies. American cuisines dominate yet Chef Harpal’s Indian “tadka” will leave you hogging in. For the vegetarians…well it will definitely surpass your expectations as it is so packed together with vegetarian items that you can savour on and still can’t have enough of it. Food is not just different but their names and presentation is distinctive. As mentioned by the restaurant manager, Dheeraj Kumar Jha, the search of unique refreshment brought beverages like ‘Chulbul Soda’ and ‘Palang Tod’ into existence. For the palang tod beverage, a shot glass filled with special liquid is dipped in a beer glass full of redbull that makes the drink fizz out incredibly. Some drinks are even served in cut glass bottles which is something out of the ordinary.

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The food menu is good enough having some specialties as well. Chef Bal Krishna says, the signature dishes are hot masala, happy fried chicken and legendary broaster chicken that you won’t find anywhere else. The broaster chicken is cooked in a broaster machine by pressure frying that consumes 50% lesser oil. When served in a wooden platter with finger-licking dips, it’s going to make you desperate to dig in. The most recommended ones from the burger section includes Lamb Rogan Ghosh and Palak Paneer burger that look over the top. ‘Ghotala khichdi’ not only has an extraordinary name but also a remarkable taste which is so not cooked by the authentic recipe. Similarly. If you feast on the dessert it won’t go in your stomach but in your soul. Chocolate samosa iis something you can’t say no to. With chocolate dripping from the inside, this wonderful sweet-dish served with mango ice-cream is heavenly. Gulkand muffin is another favorite with a mesmerizing aroma which is worth a try.Broaster chicken2

Birthday Bash and Home Delivery:

Which other place can be as cool and amazing as this one to throw a birthday bash?! You would be glad to know that they will arrange the decoration as well as the cake for you on making minimum bill value of worth Rs. 3500. Not very hard to the pocket gratefully! Secondly, on making a minimum bill of Rs. 20,000, along with decoration and cake you get a special live music performance. Splendid! Isn’t it? Grab the chance and get regular discounts. Besides these, they even provide home delivery for free on the number +917061795187, continuing to delight your taste buds even at home.

Take out some time to visit the Genuine Broaster Chicken to enjoy some marvelous food, delightful surrounding and drink. It’s the best place to sit back, relax have some food and converse with friends.chulbul

Photos : Shambhavi Singh and Facebook

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