Lighting up their world | The story of Akansha Singh and her mission!
Akansha Singh

Lighting up their world | The story of Akansha Singh and her mission!

Akansha Singh is a social entrepreneur  from Bihar who graduated from Banasthali University, Rajasthan and did her Masters from one of the most prestigious institutes in India, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She completed her basic education from Holy Faith International School, Patna. She comes from a middle class background which consists of  her father, her mother and one elder brother. Akansha Singh 2Her dad is a Branch Assistant manager with UCO Bank, Patna and her mother is a homemaker. Born and brought up in Patna, Akansha has a lot of memories to look back at whenever she is away from her hometown. A bundle of talent, she is also an inter-university hockey player and a graduate in Classical Music and Classical Dance. She is a martial art exponent as well. She has always been that thoughtful kind who want to contribute to the society in a way which could save environment and at the same time serve the society too. She has a keen Interest in waste management and being a native of BIHAR, she wanted to come back and start contributing for the welfare of the society. She has taken a step for a very noble cause in lighting up the homes and hearts of some of the less fortunate in our society.

The project aims to generate bio-energy by linking a community to a local biogas plant which would make use of domestic/kitchen waste, animal dung and human excreta together on a mass scale to produce biogas, organic manure and electricity. They have introduced Bio-pesticide with use of Bio-gas plant slurry under the supervision of ICAR Scientist, Delhi which completely replaces Chemicals from the farm while increasing agriculture produce and farmer’s income. It helped 120 Farmers to completely give up chemicals from farm and start practicing organic farming in four different districts of Bihar. The project also has several positive interventions which could lead to reducing poverty, improving agriculture and more inclusive ways of providing energy.

This is not an individual’s effort and would take a lot of helping hands along with some financial support. Akansha aims to provide electricity to 100 households for starters. As a result Akansha and team are raising funds. There is no risk as such involved in this process because it is a community engagement program and once they are done with the asset creation, 60% of the project would be managed by the community and the rest by them. This campaign will also help them to reach out and organize training camps regarding the usage of Organic pesticides over chemical pesticides at farm and reach more than 20,000 farmers in the next two months to practice organic farming.

Akansha Singh
Akansha and team have successfully installed a small Livestock based biogas plant among a cluster of houses in a village- Bathua, PUSA, Samastipur district of Bihar. It is based on the Deen Bandhu model with a 15 m^3 capacity that generates 10 KW per-day. This production is utilized for providing electricity to the targeted 50% of the total households for 6 hours per day in the tola/hamlet within the village. The project also provides electricity to farmers and educates them to use biogas for their motor pump instead of diesel it not only saves the environment but also increase their savings by using clean energy. The supply of electricity at the initial stage had been restricted to only 30 households which will be stretched to another couple hundred households at least. The raised funds will help us them in expansion of our service to more communities and farmers. It will help us in covering the expenses such as electrical appliances wire, bulbs, holder, switches and boards.

Please click here to raise fund and Bring community out of darkness!!

Production of methane is utilized for electricity conversion and a biogas generator set which runs fully on methane gas (no diesel or petrol required) which produces 10 KW electricity on a daily basis. The community will pay for the services but once the project is set up and connect all 250-300 households, the Charges would be around Rs.60 per month per bulb along with mobile charging point whereas earlier they had to pay 150 per month per bulb and spend Rs.5 per day for mobile charging point in shops i.e.  Rs.150 per month.
It also helps farmers to reduce their input cost in farming up to 40% by providing low cost irrigation facilities and low cost Bio-manure and Bio-pesticides.Akansha Singh 21

Akansha along with her team have already raised 22,002 till now and this is a big motivation for the entire team and everyone is doing their bit to contribute. We need more people like Akansha Singh in our society who keep others ahead of themselves and believe in the concept of giving back to the society and helping the less privileged. Every help on offer is a big boost to the team and would affect the lives of a lot of people. Please feel free to reach out to us and do your bit to help the needy. We have a target of raising INR 1,00,000 and right now we are at INR 22,002 with help of 17 Supporters. we are still left with a target of INR 77,998 which we want to achieve in the next 35 days and we are confident of achieving it with all of your efforts. Here’s the link where you can team up with us and contribute.

To know more about her work, you can check her Facebook Page Swaymbhu 

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