Kshitiz and Vatsla – A Power Couple Shaping Bihar’s Education System

What could  be a normal couple’s dream ? Marrying , having kids, and shaping their future. But, few people are there whose dream is not just to make their life but to serve society. Kshitiz and Vatsala are one of them. This Saharsa couple is doing an incredible work. They are working together for overall development of rural children of Bihar

When Kshitiz and Vatsala came to their home town, Saharsa after their marriage, they were shocked to learn the education system of their locality.  They found that there were no primary schools which provided extra-curriculum activities to the children. Finding this sad reality, they decided to take the initiative to begin an organisation which would generates interest in children and makes learning interesting.

The couple started a non-profit organisation named Happy Horizons Trust which is a nonprofit organization that has a motive to empower high school girls and develop the skills of primary school children in rural areas of Bihar.

This organisation provides various skills like art and craft, storytelling, and other extra-curriculum activities to the children. Vatsala has a journalistic background and experience in storytelling. She tries to engage more and more students in these activities.

Talking about these, the couple said that they provide a fellowship programme for 3 years to high school girls and after that, they are assigned the responsibility of different schools. It is easy for girls to handle the students as they are less in number. This will increase the community skills and develop curiosity in them.

Their organisation is also empowering youth by engaging them in storytelling in primary school. “When we started, there were only two girls who were motivating the children. Now five years later, we have 16 supporters who are working with us and insporong the kids. Two of them have even been offered a teaching job as they are very good in gathering children” Couple said.

Malda Aam

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