Know the story of the ‘Tractor Lady’ of Bihar who is working for a change

You might have heard men driving tractors and working in fields but this time in Bihar, a tractor lady is changing the story . Showing a completely different story of this male oriented work and even motivating others to follow the path. Jaibunnisha, popularly known as ‘tractor lady’ is a strong example of courage and determination. She is the first lady of the village who sat behind the steering wheel of tractor trailers and drove into a better future.
When Jabunnisha was a 9-year-old girl, she got married. The marriage extinguished the fire of learning that burnt inside her. She bowed down to her family’s pressure and submitted meekly to the marriage offers of Hidayat Miyan.
Jabunnisha got married in Gokhul village of Gopalganj district. She started working as land labor in the fields, toiling hard day and night to make both ends meet. Many days passed without any positive change.

Jabunnisha still had the passion of learning pressed deep under the responsibilities of her household.
After about 20 years of her marriage, in 1998, her life underwent a huge change. She had gone to meet up with a relative in Haryana, where she saw a documentary which sparked her will to do something worthwhile in life. In the documentary, several Keralite women were shown who had come together with the aim of financial independence and had formed self-help groups.

The concept of self-help groups fascinated Jabunnisha and she decided to be the catalyst of change in her village. Upon coming back, she convinced some women to form a Self-help group, which was not an easy task to do. Women were reluctant to come out of their homes as is seen to be the case of most rural areas.
However, 10 courageous women got together with a lot of convincing from Jabunnisha’s side. After some time, the Self-help group got stability and Jabunnisha applied for a loan from a local bank.

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With the money received, she decided to buy a tractor. This was a life-changing event for Jabunnisha. Not only did she buy a tractor, but she also learned how to drive it herself. This earned her the title of “tractor lady”. She became the talk of the village. She was subjected to taunts by her villagers. She did not let the negativity budge her and kept on working day and night towards a better future for her family. She inspired many women on her journey. The number of self-help groups in her village went up to 10 and the number of women members shot up to more than 250.
Jabunnisha’s story of fighting poverty is a real example of true feminism. She helped many other women to open their bank accounts and motivated them to save money.
Jabunnisha is a proud woman today, who has created a large family for herself.

Tractor Lady
When asked to share something with fellow women, Jabunnisha modestly says, “Aapan se aapan vikaas kara. Jab sab ee sochi ki raua kar leni ta hamhu kar leb, ta vikas hoi. Ohi bal baa, ohi khoon baa, marad mehraru me antar naikhe”
Translation- “We have to develop ourselves on our own. When everyone believes in themselves, then only we can witness development in the real sense. We have the same power and the same blood. There are no differences between men and women.”


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