Know some tidings about the Padma Shri Mohan Mishra

Know some tidings about the Padma Shri Mohan Mishra

You must have heard about the disease names Kala- Azar, today we have many treatments regarding the same. The person behind the research was born and brought up in Bihar. Let us read some quick facts about him –

  • Dr Mohan Mishra is a renowned proficient physician was born on 19th May 1937 Koilakh, Madhubani, Bihar India
  • He commenced his career as a resident medical officer at Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital DMCH in 1962. After that did FRCP from Edinburg (1984) and became the HOD of General Medicine at DMCH after 2 years. He also secured an FRCP from London in 1988.
  • His one of the most eminent work is studies on Visceral Leishmaniasis (kala-azar), the second-largest parasitic killer after Malaria. For the treatment of the severe disease, he proposed the use of Amphotericin B(fungizome) to withstand the disease through an article he published in Lancet in 1991, which is considered the pioneering one. 
  • He is also ascribed for the research on arsenic in drinking water, in which he was assisted by his son, Narottam Mishra(An Information Scientist). And they triumphed in their motive by finding a very cost-effective way to eliminate arsenic from drinking water by utilising food-grade alum.
  • Dr Mishra also got fame for forging Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) a herb traditionally used in India, can be efficacious in the treatment of Dementias. This study was also registered by the WHO.
  • His accomplishments are not slender to medicines only. He is also a top-notch author who has penned books like “A Textbook of Clinical Medicine”, published by Oxford University Press and also “Clinical Methods in Medicine a guide on clinical examination of patients.

  •  Some other non-fictional books like “Unfinished Story: A History of the Indian Freedom Movement(1857-1947), “ Building an Empire- Chanakya Revisited, Mangal Pandey to Lakshmibai: A Story of the Indian Mutiny 1857, India Through Alien Eyes has been written by Dr Mohan Mishra.
  • Dr Mishra is an adept member of UPSC, he has also served as the Inspector of Medical Council of India in Assam, Silchar, Tanjavur, Tamil universities.
  • He is an awardee of ‘Dr Rajendra Prasad Oration’. He was also honoured by Delhi Administration for his expertise artistic work on the Indian Freedom Movement. He won ‘Wishing Shelf Award’ in 2012. Further, he got ‘Padma Shri’ in 2014, by including in the Republic day Honours. 

Written by Riya Ritu Jha

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