Know about #TestingBadaoBiharBachao, a trend that burst out on social media for a cause! July 17th, civil society decided to raise their voice against the low testing in the state. It was based on a tweet by NITI Aayog about how Bihar has been lagging in testing for Corona. They thought to raise this issue with the help of social media.

On 19th July Sunday, around 2 PM, citizens of Bihar started tweeting about the failure of testing by the Bihar government to break the chain of Corona spread. The fact that the government has done only 3 Lakhs testing amid a population of around 12 crores agitated many to start this trend.

Around 2 PM on Sunday, people came on twitter to tweet about this particular cause. It had been trending on the topmost for some time and then remain the second most trending thing for few hours with around 35,000 tweets in a span of five hours. Many known personalities from Bihar like Raj Shekhar, Swara Bhaskar, Shams Alam, Avinash Das tweeted for this. There were also many prominent leaders from Bihar who supported the cause. It was intended to achieve at least 50,000 testings per day.

Bihar has been identified as the next centre of Corona. With millions of people mostly migrant labourers have returned to their state causing cases of Corona increasing like a rocket.  On an around 1000 cases are rising per day, 9602 cases have been active and 179 deaths till now due to Corona.

Sadly, according to the health index released by NITI Aayog, Bihar ranks the second-worst state in the health system. We’ve been seeing numerous videos where people are crying, yelling and devastated because of no medical facilities in the government hospital that has led to their kin’s death.

There are no staffs, no medicines even no oxygen cylinders. And private hospitals are hesitating in admitting patients these days. This argument makes one thing clear that it’ll be scary for people to get their treatment done right. So the best possible way for us is to stop it even before it infect someone. And to stop it, we first have to detect it. But are they detecting it?

I don’t think so. And just like me, there are thousands who feel the same. Thus why they decided to raise out this concern to the government. They took social media as their weapon.

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We at PatnaBeats have always supported the positive ongoing of Bihar. We are here for our State and the safety of its people. Let’s hope that the government deaf behaviour doesn’t stop them from listening, just like what happened at the time of Chamki Bukhar and Bihar Floods. And hope for them to get arise on this concern.

Be safe.

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