Khadi weavers from Bihar to sell their product on Amazon

A moment of happiness for Khadi weavers of Bihar as the Bihar State Khadi and Village Industries Board has signed an MoU with the Indian unit of leading E-Commerce website Amazon on 13th February, 2019. Now the local Khadi artisans will be able to sell their products online through the Amazon.

Till now, there are 40 Khadi products which are being displayed on the website whereas recently 100 new designs and Khadi products by National Institute of Fashion Technology, Patna are chosen and will be exhibited soon on the website. The designs are selected by keeping the taste of young customers. The whole focus of Amazon is to target young customers to adopt Khadi wears as the youth has become the trendsetter in India. If they’ll start wearing Khadi then the market of Khadi will get uplift automatically.

“We are trying to make Khadi popular among millions of customers who are associated with the E-Commerce website. We will also open Khadi emporiums in metro cities like Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Mumbai.”

said Jai Kumar Singh, State Industries Minister, while talking to media in a press conference.

As we know very well that shopping nowadays has become very easy through internet and smartphones. We don’t need to visit the market every time to get something. All we need to do is tap on some icons on our smartphone, pay through our E-Wallet and that’s it. Not only has it made the shopping easier for us consumers but also, sellers can easily provide their product to their customers through e-commerce websites. Websites like Amazon and Flipkart has occupied spaces in most of the smartphones and we can say that it is almost like a revolution of the market.

Khadi, on the other hand, is on the marginalised side of the clothing industry. Youth is more attracted towards other clothing materials and mostly towards casual outfits like Jeans, T-shirts which is mostly of cotton or synthetic blend. That’s why the new designs selected for the website are youth-oriented.

This achievement can be considered as a huge progress in bringing back Khadi to the mainstream. Through this MoU, people can buy Khadi products from Bihar anywhere in the country. This is really a great initiative by the government to elevate the condition of Bihar Khadi weavers. Connecting to such a big online platform will be very beneficial for all the local artisans and designers. Initiatives like these are very necessary for the sustainable development of Khadi and should be taken at regular intervals.

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