KBC famed Sushil Kumar now works for the conservation of the state bird.

KBC famed Sushil Kumar now works for the conservation of the state bird, Sparrow.

Sushil Kumar famously known for winning five crore rupees in Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 5 is now working towards the conservation of the state bird of Bihar, Sparrow.

To conserve the sparrows from extinction, he started a Sparrow Conservation Campaign in 2019, in Champaran District of Bihar. Under the campaign, he distributes wooden sparrow nests to people in his village and its neighboring districts.

Sushil Kumar gifting Sparrow nest to a family.

Today on the occasion of World Sparrow Day, he claims to have distributed 250 sparrow nests. “I try to reach out to areas my scooter can access to,” says Sushil Kumar about the areas he has covered for the campaign.

Keeping in mind the family planning of sparrows, Sushil Kumar has designed two types of nests for them; one blocked and nine blocked. Planning the welcome of the bird, in a First, he plants one block nest. When the sparrow lays egg, their family starts increasing or more than one bird starts visiting the nest then he plants the nine blocked nest. The nests are maintained on a daily basis with grains and water.

One blocked nest in the corner of the house

Sushil Kumar’s curiosity around sparrows aroused from his friend’s Facebook posts about the bird. In a conversation around sparrows with his friend, he came across the idea of providing clean water for them, which led him to take a step further and provide the whole housing solution to them. Therefore, he started making wooden nests. “Till date, we have distributed more than 5 thousand nests, “shares Sushil Kumar.

Nine blocked nest in the house.

Talking about the progress of the campaign since 2019 he shares, “As per out team’s research we have seen an increase of approx. 500 birds in my village.”

Starting from relatives and acquaintances, he is now reaching out to corporate sectors in his village to distribute the nests.

Sushil Kumar receiving the sparrow nest from a pharma shop owner.

“On the World Sparrow Day, I requested a restaurant, pharmacy and a motorcycle showroom in my village to distribute the nest to their customers from their side, to my surprise they have outdone it,” shares Kumar.

“Seeing the positive result, a lot of people are influenced and are approaching me by themselves to put nests in their residence and complex”, adds Kumar.

He shares his first experience of seeing a sparrow in his nest and the joy of progress in the initiative “When I placed the first nest in my home back in 2019, First sparrow visited my nest after a year of putting it, but now people call to share about their first experience of sparrow visits on a regular basis.”

Making an urge from Bihar to save their state bird he says “The least people can do is keep clean water in a mud cup or vessel for the passing by sparrows as they are ‘House birds’. They need fresh water and cannot survive on the water from anywhere.”

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