Patna's First Thematic Restaurant Has Relaunched itself With All New Taste And Ambiance
Kapil Dev’s Elevens, Patna , Bihar

Patna’s First Thematic Restaurant Has Relaunched itself With All New Taste And Ambiance

Are you a cricket fan and love to eat?, you must check out this place.

When you visit a restaurant, it’s usually for the food and drink right? Well at Kapil Dev’s Elevens, it’s all about the experience. Although cricket is not the official national sport in India, it begets much more excitement and a great fan following. In fact no other sport in India can claim the position of cricket in respect to its popularity and revenue generation. This modern-styled outlet has been serving up since 2008 with its cricket mania as a stronghold upon its vogue, which is hard to ignore. What has been hailed as “the best Dhaulagiri chicken in Patna” can be found here alongside thin crust pizzas, pastas, mezze platters, desserts and many more. If you can’t make it to the stadium, Kapil Dev’s Elevens might just be the next best thing. The place is filled with the aura of your favourite cricketers. You can be in this sporty environment which serves as a portal to transcend you into a place filled with the legendary history of Indian cricket while you dine on a menu which has had exquisite Indian and Pan- Asian cuisines for 10 years now and has been further enriched by the addition of selected delicacies of Mediterranean cuisines which includes Italian, Lebanese and Mexican cuisines. It gives you the chance to have the taste of the large part of the world on your plate. Kapil Dev’s love for Cricket and his achievements of the game are combined in perfect proportions with his love for food and it comes alive in this outlet which brings together a fantastic world of cricket lover and a foodie’s paradise. One of the newer and more reasonably priced eatery in Patna, Kapil Dev’s Elevens is home to those who look for a chilled-out evening with an appeasing air. The restaurant was featured among the top 5 celebrity owned restaurants of the country.


Prepare for your mind to be blown from the minute you step into grassy floor of Eleven’s. Apparently renovated in the same location, you would really love the theme they’ve come up with. The inspiring design consists elements that evoke the nostalgia of cricket-fans and the decorated walls are just something you have to see for yourself…there are jerseys, helmets, batting pads, balls and even trophies! Children and adults alike will take delight in watching signed bats, balls and unique pictures of the one and only Kapil Dev, hanged all over the place gracefully. Overflowing with copious amounts of historic artifacts and prime cuts of sport, it’s undoubtedly sumptuous dining experience.

The liveliest aspect of the place though remains the food and beverage menu. Dishes and drinks are not just assorted but extremely edible. Sticking with the cricket theme This urban space embodies Kapil Dev’s love for Cricket and food with it’s great ambience and wide range of delicious food items. In terms of value for your dime, it ranks well above other outlets claiming to serve modern Indian cuisine with a gastronomy influenced twist. They feature seasonal, local ingredients with insalate i.e. salads and meal options, fantastic hand-crafted cocktails, and delectable desserts that are to DIE for!. Scarf down a Mushroom Khurchan platter or munch on Chicken Drumstick while watching hyped cricket matches. Throw on their spicy Chicken Boti Masala seasoning and away you go! Drift away to the lanes of Italy from the Pan-Asian inspired menu. Munch on Mezze Platter where you find Hummus, Moutabal, Tabouleh served with Pita bread and Salad, a classic sandwich, or fruit punches as you revel with a foody-mood or perhaps a revitalizing cocktail with a sure side of fun! And guess what? You can have all that on a discounted price! You can  also win food coupons for Kapil Dev’s Elevens by tuning into Radio Mirchi’s show “Teekha Thursday”.

Here at Kapil Dev’s Elevens, you’ll find the restaurant boasting endless entertainment and subsequently will be coming up with jamming sessions and other surprises. The fun ambiance is all you really need. You can even avoid all that hassle by making a reservation and enjoying their phenomenal food and libations with relative ease. Mouthwatering chicken and cheese teasers with a chaser of rare Chocolate Venom or Shahi Mewa Gulkand Delight! I’m already there!

Kapil Dev’s Eleven was also the first restaurant to be featured into famous radio jockey RJ Anjali’s show “Foodie Kismat” which features Patna’s best food joints. Watch it below:

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