Kakolat Waterfalls: A place in Bihar which shows epitome of serenity

Bihar is adorned with many tourist spots. While places like Rajgir and Nalanda have gained fame throughout the country, there are many vicinities in Bihar which are yet to be discovered. There are many undiscovered tourist spots in Bihar which will surely draw your attention. Even though we have a bountiful heritage and many historically affluent sites, tourists are not very aware of many bewildering places which enhance the aesthetic dimension of Bihar. The soothing Kakolat waterfalls which is located 33 kilometres from Nawada district of Bihar and covered with a panoramic view of greenery and hills is one of them.

A fairly long staircase is to be taken to reach the waterfalls. The path is enveloped with a variety of shops on the way at either side with local eateries, shops selling toys for children, religious items and what not. The level of employment Kakolat waterfalls is producing along with the mesmerizing beauty is prominent enough to be noticed.

The waterfall drops from an intense height of 160 feet which is a magnificent sight to behold. The rhythm of falling water playing melodies on the stones underneath is a sheer delight. After you reach the location, you’ll be welcomed by cool water spraying at you by the side of the waterfalls.

Men, women and children enjoy a weekend getaway from their monotonous lives every now and then at Kakolat. One can bath at the pond and enjoy with their family and friends. The bathing area is divided into two sections for men and women to bath comfortably. It is large enough to accommodate around 100 men and women at a time. Tourists click pictures of the hypnotising beauty that Kakolat carries.

Time would come to a halt while one takes a dip in the falls, bathing and embracing the scenic beauty and the coaxing scent. After having a gala time in the pond, one can eat their heart out at the various eateries installed outside the waterfall area whose mouth-watering aroma rings hunger bells.

Kakolat boasts of many cascading historical anecdotes.

Legend has it, that a King of the ‘Treta Yug’ got a curse by a Hindu rishi to live as a python all his life long. He lived near the waterfalls as a python for a long time. His curse got lifted when the Pandavas met him during their exile. After his salvation, he proclaimed that anyone would bathe in the waterfall would never be reborn as a snake. Many people go to Kakolat because of this belief.

Another legend goes that Ram and Sita lived here, during their exile. The water is said to be touched by the divine and thus has therapeutic powers instilled in it.


A three day religious fest is held at the occasion of ‘Chait Sankranti’ which is a major tourist attraction. Devotees from near and far take a bath in the falls during this time with a belief that all their ailments will be cured.

Kakolat is a scenic marvel, hidden in the lap of nature. The herbs growing at the waterfall area are said to contain medicinal qualities.

To reach Kakolat, there are on-road transportation facilities available. One can either take a bus provided by the Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation or enjoy a car trip with friends of a distance of 139 kilometres from Patna.

Recently, Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, also announced the construction of a ropeway at Kakolat. This will enhance the tourist excitement on a very large scale. He aims at turning Kakolat into Kashmir of Bihar. The place will be polished and the roadside shops modified.

If you’re looking for an escape from the stringency of life this summer, Kakolat is the place for you. It is an all-in-one package where you witness eye pleasing landscapes, enjoy in the water and have a photo session in the attention grabbing scenic beauty.

We hope you visit and gain an experience worth remembering at Kakolat. The scenic calm you witness will draw you like magnets over here every year. Bihar is full of tourist spots, we just need to explore. The various natural spectacles will fill us with awe.

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