Jat Jatin Dance | The folk dance from North Bihar

Jat Jatin dance is the most popular folk dance of North Bihar, namely in Mithila and Koshi region. Usually, it is performed in a couple on moonlit nights in monsoons. The original theme of the dance explains there is a remembrance of the epic love story of the lovers Jat and Jatin, who were separated and lived in difficult situations.

But in contemporary times, through Jat-Jatin, many social situations like natural calamities are also discussed ( like droughts and floods).

Other concern topics like poverty, sorrow, love, ”Tu tu main main between lovers/husbands & wives”, all find their expression through this dance.

In some versions, while performing the dance, the dancers wear masks to add a reality picture.

Check out the beautiful picture of Jat Jatin Dance below:

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