India’s first Cookbook Cafe is now in Patna

In the booming cafe culture of Patna, we have found a new place to set your hours into memorable moments. On your way to PnM Mall, before or after your movie show at Cinepolis you can stop at the UNO Business centre and head to the 3rd Floor. The world’s sixth and India’s first ‘The Cookbook‘ is a European brand which is now in our city, grabbing attention from its unique and spacious ambience. One cannot deny that Patna is seeing a massive development in a good number of cafes in recent days. Among all those cafes, ‘The Cookbook Cafe & Kitchen ‘has already taken much of notice on its opening day itself.

Cookbook Cafe

Cookbook Cafe

The outlook suits the youngster’s lifestyle from getting the coolest Insta stories and framing each other on vintage background. Once you enter, you could find amazing interiors decorated with a modern and rustic feel with a good number of books on the side racks. The interior is totally based on the thematic look of ‘The Cookbook cafe’ curated with the Indian Touch in Patna. Explaining the interiors won’t be tough if you visit the place once. All that seize your glances are the panoramic view through floor to ceiling windows and a glass boxed space with smoke outlet. The Cookbook cafe has shelved itself with their own recipe books with a variety of cookery tips and details. Not just the kitchen lovers can pick out a book but the literature section has been given a good amount of attention. This makes the cafe a soothing, calm and a good place to spend me-time too.

cookbook cafe

Cookbook Cafe

Cookbook CafeThe essential part of visiting a cafe or a dine-in space is basically to satisfy your appetite. The food here tastes as amazing as the look book of ‘The Cookbook cafe’. It offers dual experience – Cafe & Fine Dine– a European Culinary themed with the Indian tastes. The list of global cuisines has been developed to fill the Indian tongues with an available menu of modern India, Pan Asian, Western Cuisine and bakery & pastries. All these are the owned recipes of The Cookbook franchise. The pizza grabbers can have kind attention here, as they are going to taste the authentic thin crust Italian Pizza, cooked over an igloo-shaped ‘wood fire oven’ which gives a visual treat as well. An open view of Island kitchen, mocktail bar adds a more contemporary feel to the ambience.

Cookbook Cafe

Another eye-catching corner is the mocktail bar which serves you the non-alcoholic juices to cool down the windpipe to the deepest. Varieties of The Cookbook flavours are enhanced with your regular juices and some fresh tastes are even brought to make Patnaites remember the taste forever.

Cookbook Cafe

cookbook cafe, Patna, Patna Restaurant cookbook cafe, Patna, Patna Restaurant

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Who would not love to eat the food prepared and guided by an International and National Winner of Chef Competitions? You read it right, the cafe & dine menu is personally curated by the World Record holder of preparing the ‘largest Biryani’, who has been mentioned in Guinness Book of World Records. The Chef Cap of ‘The Cookbook cafe’ Patna is worn by CHEF Jatin Kapur, who is one of the few critically acclaimed chefs who brought progressive Indian Cuisine in India and is the 1st HACCP Certified chef in Patna.

‘’ Patna is getting cooler day by day and coming of ‘The Cookbook’ has added more flavours to this coolest place. Located at the heart of the town, it attracts more by its ambience, combined cafe and dines. The thin pizza tasted best. I think this is literally going to be the favourite hangout spot for youngsters ‘, says RJ Shruti from Radio Mirchi, who visited the place on the opening day.

Cookbook cafe

‘’ All this comes to you at a very pocket-friendly rate. I have used my hotelier skills and years of experience to make ‘The cookbook Cafe’ stand in the favourite list of the people of Patna’, says the founder Ritesh Chaudhary. The founder and Ceo Ritesh Chaudhary have 19 years of experience in India and many other countries as well. Along with HACCP Certification, he holds lifetime membership of World Association Chef Society. He has started ‘ The Cookbook cafe’ in a partnership with a Patna based Indian food blogger and nutrition enthusiast  Preeti Bhalotia who has used her observation of numerous places to satisfy Patnaites with this cafe.

If you are still planning, we would suggest you bookmark a date soon. Don’t miss out to visit this new and coolest place of the town.

(L-R)Founder, Partner and The chef of The CookBook Cafe & Kitchen

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