Mahima Tiwary, The 25 Years Old Bihari Girl Who Defeated Death

Will Power and Family are the 2 support system of any human being which can lead them towards success in life.” – Mahima (a survivor of Cerebral Thrombosis). 


Cerebral thrombosis is an abnormal brain disorder. The normal age of the start of this condition in grown-ups is 39 years. Be that as it may, there is a young lady, Mahima. She is 25 years of age. The doctor was also in the obscenity seeing her case that it was a rare situation of such a fearful disease at such a young age. But Mahima defeated this disease with its emotions and bravery. Cerebral thrombosis happens when blood clumps amass in venous sinuses of the cerebrum. It keeps blood from escaping the cerebrum. Weight on veins and platelets increments, bringing about irritation and discharge in the veins. The most widely recognized symptom of this illness in around 25% of cases is cerebral pain. As per Indian Medical Association (IMA), it is conceivable to totally cure 80 per cent of the patients. The recurrence rate of this disease is approximately 2-4 per cent. According to statistics, it is one person in one lakh population. Nearly 5 per cent of those suffering from this disease die due to illness, while 10 per cent of the patients die later. This ailment is more in ladies than men.

Mahima Tiwary worked in a Public Relation (PR) agency. Her life was running very passionately and enthusiastically. But an unusual event occurred a half year back which is still a nightmare for her. Mahima was in an attempt to reinvent her in the industry and try to blend in the working environment and make space for herself and suddenly something happened to her that gave her a sense of importance. Like every other occupation, her job profile also was full of hurdles and challenges. From preparing strategies for companies to campaigns for clients, and then providing accurate information to journalists. Interview lines between the reporters and the client should be made or the authorities should get the proper data for any story, all of them in such a way that such that her own space was additionally procured. Getting up early in the morning, planning for the workplace, running marathon to catch metro then customer gatherings, media rounds and so on. When a slight headache, fatigue of every day, a lack of sleep and the loss of appetite simply became part of her life and it went unrecognized.

 “This would not have happened if I didn’t ignore the minor headaches and tiredness which I used to face in my day-to-day life.” said Mahima Tiwary to PatnaBeats.

In a conversation to PatnaBeats she shared her whole experience from April 24, where like every day; she woke up on Monday and endeavoured to wake up by slight migraines. But do not know why it was as if it was like achieving a milestone that morning rising from the bed. Luckily she used to live with her uncle. Considering this cerebral pain and shortcoming as a warmth stroke, she used to take things like lemonade, Sattu (a Bihari family unit lively drink made of grams) and so on to give relief.  Uneasiness expanded inside her when she couldn’t process these fluids as well. She didn’t even remember that she had vomited for the last time before that day. And then to get out of bed to vomit too, there was a painful journey. Uncle’s alertness urged him to call an ambulance. She never forgets that the left piece of the body was continually shuddering and the correct part was weak to the point that the body couldn’t adjust. Furthermore, its impact was noticeable even on the stretcher. There was a considerable measure of weight from the stretcher notwithstanding when it was free. That entire day spent her sentiment on the stretcher with glucose. By the night, her father also came to Delhi from Kolkata. After some deliberation, she was shifted to another hospital, and it all happened at midnight. By now it was not known that what happened after all what had happened to her? After keeping the three days in ICU and after taking various tests, the family members were told that this is the case of cerebral thrombosis.

“I would like to give the credit of my recovery to my family members, the one’s who stood behind me in the worst situation of my life and when I needed the badly, my caretaker aunty who always used to scold me and make me realise how important is life for everyone and my physiotherapist who had gone through an early age injury himself and could always relate to my pain which helped me to stand and walk again. I will be returning back to my professional life from Monday (November 20, 2017) because this workaholic nature cannot be separated from me. It’s a part of being Mahima.” said Mahima to PatnaBeats during the conversation.

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