This Mosque in Patna for the first time has opened its door for women for Tarawee ki Dua

Whenever you board a train to Patna, the first thing you notice after you step out of Patna Junction is the beautiful red colored Mahavira temple standing along with an enthralling mosque. This instance is enough to make an opinion about the ethos of the city. Similar instance is shown by the the Khanquah Munemia and Masjid, the famous Sufi center at Mitan Ghaat in Patna City locality, where for the very first time, women in Patna will have an opportunity to attend the Taraweeh Ki Dua at Khanquah Masjid, the special prayers performed at a mosque during the month of Ramzan. The mosque authority has decided to bestow this facility and have already begun the preparations for the holy month which about to begin from May 6.

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At this mosque, located at Mitan Ghaat, women namazees will not only have an special corner for the prayers and recitation of the Quran, but there will also be an exclusive Haafiz, an expert on the Quran, for them.
“The women will also have an exclusive zone for Wazu, a kind of ritualistic purification or ablution before the formal prayers, which forms an important part of ritual purity in Islam.”
said the mosque authority.

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Khanquah Munemia and Masjid is different from the other mosques as it contains tombs of Sufi saints and scholars, Mulla Mitan and Hazrat Makhdoom Munem Pak. While the Khanqauah is popular worldwide for its huge collection of manuscripts and books on Sufism attracting a large number of visitors of different faith and religion, the mosque too attracts non- Muslim devotees in large numbers.
Khanquah Munemia and Masjid, Patna, Pray
“In the coming months, this Khanquah will turn into a University on Sufism. We have a plan to promote harmony between communities and also highlight the shared culture of this country through this Sufi study centre. At the same time, we are also aware of the expectations and aspirations of women in our community and want them to feel what Islam has for them.”
said Hazrat Syed Shah Shamimuddin Ahmad Munemi, Sajjada Nashin (administrative head) of the Khanquah.
According to the Munemi, the authority is planning to create this facility for women namazees on the first floor of the mosque while the ground floor will be allocated to men.
He further said that,
“There is a lot of confusions about women’s entry into mosque among both the believers and non-believers. Let me clarify that women’s entry into mosque is not banned at all. There have been certain myths about it, which still rules minds of several believers. This is why one would hardly see women offering Namaaz at any mosque in the city or in any other part of the state.”
“Women need such kind of arrangements, ambience and promotions to visit the home of Allah quite often to offer prayers.”
said Akhtari Beghum, a city based social activist.
Such gestures from religious communities of the city works to grow peace and prosperity in the social environment of the city. Though there are several mosque in Patna which is open for all throught the year, and women prays their Friday prayer in those mosque.

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