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I am interested in doing Bhojpuri cinema, if someone comes with good script | Shilpa Shukla

shilpa-shukla-1-jpg-1Shilpa Shukla, the film, television and theater actress was born in Vaishali, Bihar. She was brought up in Gujarat, Kolkata and in New Delhi. She pursued her education from the prestigious Delhi Public School, situated at R. K. Puram. Soon after her twelfth boards, she enrolled herself in the Miranda House at the University of Delhi.

Shilpa Shukla who was recently in Patna for Participating in Patna Film Festival. Shilpa was really excited about her visit to the city but was upset as she didn’t get time to visit her hometown Hajipur. In a conversation with PatnaBeats she shared about PFF, her love for theater and much more.

Bihar Government has organized Patna Film festival. What’s your take on this?

I think it’s a great  initiative and much needed call because  there is lot of potential lying here among the youth. This festival will set a culture for appreciation of arts  and movies among people. It will act as a platform of audience .building.  I am happy that Bihar Government has invited me in such a big event in my home state.

Any plan to visit your native town.

I wish I could. I am depressed of not going home becuase of my hectic schedule. It is just 35 kilometres from Patna.

You started your career as a theater artist. Are you still doing theaters?

Yes ofcourse. Whenever I get a good script, I do theatre. For me theatre is like going to gym that keeps my acting muscles in shape and my diction proper. In fact  theatre has a lot to do with personality development. It
act  as a stress buster and helps in channelising your energy.

shilpa-shukla-1Are you interested in doing Bhojpuri cinema.

First of all I would like to tell you that cinema is not about language and regional. It is always about story. It is limited to a certain market when you say  it of  a particular region and takes it to lowest denominations. I am interested in doing Bhojpuri cinema, if someone comes with good script.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

Well I was on sabbatical. I was in USA for 5 months and just came back. I was travelling and attending teaching of Buddhism. My brother is buddhist monk. I met Dalai Lama and learn his teaching. I love teaching of buddha
because  it gives a sense of meaning of mind and ways to be happy in life. I am working on a play, busy reading scripts.Not in a rush. When I am inspired to work, I will work.

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