How These Two Biharis Are Upskilling the Digital Space

How These Two Biharis Are Upskilling the Digital Space

“I’m glad I decided to join UPPSKILL. UPPSKILL and Arbab sir’s training and guidance helped me to change my job profile from Game Moderator in EA Sports to a Digital Marketer, not only they guide me to change my job profile but helped me to improve my skill day by day even after the completion of my course. I do think that this is the right decision I have made about my career and I am growing gradually. After I got my first job, the UPPSKILL community helped me to actually solve my queries whenever I was in doubt and was able to make progress with my work.” – Shubham Singh

These are only a few of the many testimonials that UPPSKILL has received from students that just cannot stop gushing about the founders – Arbab Usmani and Abhishek Gupta – two entrepreneurs who came from humble beginnings in Bihar and went on to create a name for themselves in the start-up and digital marketing space.

With a strong background in digital marketing, Arbab Usmani spent quite a few years of his career working with leading brands and start-ups before noticing a recurring pattern – prospective employees that came in for interviews had very little knowledge about the field. Trusting his instinct about this problem being far bigger than it seemed, Mr. Usmani went on to research what was happening in the industry and came up with a shocking statistic – 84% of “skilled professionals” applying for jobs were completely unemployable!

Abhishek Gupta, a well-known enabler in the start-up space running one of the biggest start-up communities, Start-Up Delhi, had also seen the same. Having collaborated with a host of start-ups, he saw that most employers had the same complaints – employees were just not skilled enough. On Teacher’s Day 2017, Abhishek and Arbab combined their efforts and launched UPPSKILL, a digital marketing institute that aims to empower students with the knowledge and equip them with one thing that will never fail them – a passion for learning.

One of the most commonly asked questions that they face is why they did not start an Ed-Tech venture. The truth is that the founders of UPPSKILL want to offer wholesome learning and all-round growth to their students – they are not limited by a tunnel vision that only focusses on ROIs and funding! Knowing that nothing can truly replace a teacher in a classroom and that learning in a group promotes ideas and growth, they decided to stay true to their ideas and favored a traditional teaching model over a digital one.

“Starting as a student with curiosity about the Digital Marketing world to becoming an entrepreneur would have not been possible without Uppskill and the best mentors Arbab Sir and Abhishek Sir! Being a part of Uppskill has been an amazing journey so far with so much more to come ahead! So grateful to be a part of this community which inspires me every day to be an honest and hardworking entrepreneur! Thank you Uppskill.” – Shalini Gupta, Founder, Kowork

In its two years since inception, UPPSKILL has seen phenomenal growth. The team has 15 people working towards the shared vision of improving the skills of India’s youth and ensuring that more people can make a seamless transition from being college students to being working professionals with great achievements on the horizon. UPPSKILL has seen over 1,100 students blossom under their tutelage, and they now have 5 branches all over India. With huge plans in the works, there’s no doubt that these two Biharis are on their way to upskilling the entire country!

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