How did Patna do so badly in Swachh Bharat survey – A Detailed Analysis

Our own capital city Patna Ranked 262/434 in Swachh Bharat index, In Bihar it is 3/27th, Bihar Sharif is the cleanest city of Bihar and it ranked 146. In between Patna and Bihar Sharif’s ranking, there are 116 other cities. Lets dive into data and see where we can improve ourselves.

This is what Patna scored In Swachh Survekshan 2017

This is what Indore, the city which ranked first, scored.

Here if you noticed in Patna only 6,760 ( 0.4% of total population) citizen shared their feedback whereas in Indore 80,753 (4.1% of total population)people shared their feedback.

Now the question arises, why the feedback is important. The answer is that it is one of the 3 ranking factor of the cities which have value of 600 points. So the more feedback people share the better ranking the city gets.

Lets break it down

Overall Score is divided into 3 parts

  1. Municipal Self Declaration – Where Municipality provide data to the government
  2. On-Site Observation – Government officials dos an onsite observation
  3. Citizen Feedback – Where citizen shared their feedback on Government E Portal

Lets see how we did against State average and Nation Average

a. Overall Score – We did good as compared to state average but we are way below the national average line

b. Municipal Self Declaration – We are just touching the national average line, but we did really good as per state average goes

c. On Site Observation – We are below the national average and just above the state average

d. Citizen Feedback – We did poorer than state and nation average both.

e. Swachhta App – We score a BIG ZERO in this, forget about Nation or State average

Now since we understand the scoring pattern and talked about it, then comes the analysis part. The analysis is divided into 6 parts

  1. Solid Waste Management – How we dealt with solid waste
  2. Access to Sanitation – Construction of CT/PT
  3. Capacity Building and Monitoring Systems – Monitoring and tracking system
  4. On-Site Observation – Observation by Government officials
  5. Citizen Feedback – Feedback by Citizens
  6. ODF – Open Defecation Free means people doing toilet in the open and what we did to stop this

Solid Waste Management

Achieved – 2/10

Not Achieved – 8/10

Overview – 

1. Patna Municipal did good in terms of picking up waste

2. Patna lacks basic waste processing plant or we can say basic infrastructure to deal with the waste

3. We as a citizen should help people in waste segregation, we should put solid and organic waste in different packets. This will help municipality to work more efficiently. Our 5 minutes can save hundreds of hours of Municipal and we an get better results

4. We don’t want to pay – Ever wondered that there are so many companies who do many incredible things but very few company is here to solve problem related to cleanness, the biggest reason is that no one wants to pay. Yes there is corruption but we are fighting with it day by day Trust the PM and trust the CM in this regards

Access to Sanitation

Achieved – 0/2

Not Achieved – 2/2

Overview – The approval and construction process of CT/PT is super slow

Capacity Building and Monitoring Systems

Achieved – 3/5

Not Achieved – 2/5

Overview – 

  1. Municipality is using IOT in a very effective way, which is a great sign
  2. Complaint solving is slow, we need to make it faster
  3. Learning part is not so great in Municipality, we need to push people to take the e-Learning courses by Government

On-Site Observation

Achieved – 3/8

Not Achieved – 5/8



Overview – 

This is really interesting data. This data tells us how our personality trait changes when we are in our home and when we are away. Lets take a look at it

  1. More than 75% of our home found clean but at the same time less than 75% of commercial areas are clean – It means we love to make our home clean but the same time we litter outside
  2. More than 75% CT/PT was gender, child or senior citizen friendly – Government needs to do this
  3. Public transport area was not clean, it is also our responsibility to help in cleanliness in these areas

Citizen Feedback

Achieved – 1/6

Partial Achieved – 5/6

Overview – 

These numbers are from very low numbers of feedback which is not even 0.5% of the total population, we need to improve this number

ODF – 

Achieved – 0/2

Not Achieved / 2/2

Overview –

 ODF itself is one of the biggest issues we are facing in India, there should be toilet for everyone, no one should litter in the open, it will decrease the health of everyone in that area, unfortunately neither government and neither we did anything about it

Conclusion –

Total Targets – 33

Achieved                  – 9

Partial Achieved   – 5

Not Achieved         – 19

No matter the technicalities of the ranking system, there is one thing we can not deny is the fact that our Bihar and especially our Patna is far from being clean. We don’t need ranking to remind us of the fact that our city is filthy. We all know this and we are also aware of the reasons behind it. These reasons include our negligence, our total disregard to care about what happens beyond our doorstep, our gross irresponsible nature and above all that the inefficient and idle Municipality of our city. We have no one else but ourselves to blame for the state of our city. We call it home but we don’t mean it. If we did then how can we keep our home this filthy? At least now this should compel us to do something about it. And it won’t take much to keep the city clean. We need to do some really basic things like keeping the area around our houses clean, not throwing garbage in the open and raising our voice when we see others doing it. We need to keep reminding the authorities that they are here to serve. The need to be held accountable for not doing their job. Meet your Ward commissioners, write to them, call them and compel them to get the job done. If we won’t do something about it then remember that it’s our tax money that is going to waste. Having a clean city to live in will only benefit us and our coming generations. We have to do it for our sake.

Featured Image credit GOI

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