Down with dowry! How brave Bihari brides are rejecting husbands-to-be who demand money or insult their looks!

Women across India should take a cue from these girls from rural Bihar, who have found their voice to protest against the scourge of dowry.

These women are rejecting grooms chosen by their families not only for demanding money, but also for making unkind remarks about their looks.

Kusum Kumari, a resident of Khotahwa village of West Champaran district, was all set to get married to Ajay Kumar from Naurangia in UP on Sunday, when a commotion took place at the venue.

The wedding party led by Ajay’s father asked for Rs 5,000 – which Kusum’s father Biran Choudhary had allegedly promised before the ceremony. Choudhary had reportedly paid Rs 20,000 as dowry already.

The groom’s family insisted on immediate payment and threatened that the wedding would not be solemnised otherwise.

When the bride heard about it, she put her foot down and refused to marry Ajay. This forced the groom’s family to change their stand. They gave the go-ahead for the wedding – but the bride said that she would not spend the rest of her life in a family that had humiliated her father for Rs 5,000 only.

The brave young woman said she would prefer to look after her parents all her life instead of getting married to a dowry-seeker.

In another incident at Mangalpur in Bagaha, a bride took offence to an insensitive remark made by the groom about her complexion. According to eyewitnesses, the groom demanded money from her parents saying she was too dark, causing a rumpus at the event.

The bride’s family then held the groom’s family hostage. The local police intervened and both sides agreed to fix a fresh date – but the bride refused to marry her bad-mannered groom.

At a third wedding in Jadopur in Gopalganj district, a bridegroom ran away from his wedding – allegedly in a bid to get more dowry. The bride’s family subsequently held the entire wedding party hostage, until the local police arrived to free them. The groom later returned and agreed to the wedding without seeking a dowry.

Source : DailyMail