Have an amazing experience of Lazeez cuisines in a Gufaa themed restaurant in Patna
Lazeez Gold, Patna, Resturant, Bihar, Gufaa BBQ

Have an amazing experience of Lazeez cuisines in a Gufaa themed restaurant in Patna

With each passing day, Patna is developing a metropolitan culture and every now and then we see some new café or restaurant opening in town. While on the one hand where Patnaites are developing their taste buds for different types of cuisines, we are also witnessing a kind of paradigm shift in the interiors of these restaurants. Other than serving the taste buds of the foodies, these new opening cafes and restaurants are focusing greatly on the upheaval of their interior decoration. This not only adds to the beauty of the place but also adds a symbolic significance to it.

Lazeez Gold, Patna, Resturant, Bihar

In addition to the restaurants having beautiful and unique interiors, we have a newly opened restaurant ,’Lazeez Gold based on Gufaa theme which has been set up like an actual cave which gives you an environment of ongoing excavation in a mine. Few statues of mine workers are placed to compliment the ambience. This Gufaa BBQ is solely dedicated to the Barbecue items. On one side, there are few counters where you can see your Barbecue item being prepared while on the other side, few tables are arranged with comfortable sofas where you can enjoy your food. This cave concept is first of its kind in Bihar.

Lazeez Gold, Patna, Resturant, Bihar Lazeez Gold, Patna, Resturant, Bihar

Dheeraj Singh, one of the founders of “Lazeez Gold” restaurant says,

“I’ve seen this concept in Bangalore for the first time. Back then, there wasn’t anything like this in Bihar so I made up my mind to take this concept to my hometown Patna and here it is, Lazeez Gold restaurant with a section solely dedicated to the Gufaa theme as Gufaa BBQ.”

The unique interior and ambience of this restaurant is something that stands out the most. As soon as you step inside the Gufaa themed restaurant it seems like you’ve entered into an actual cave. Such a dining experience is unheard of in Bihar. You see stones carved beautifully but keeping the rustic look in mind. You get transcended into this cave-like atmosphere which houses the barbecue facility.

This Gufaa is a section of Lazeez Gold restaurant, opened recently near Gola road. As the Patnaites are trying new dishes whether it’s Thai, Mexican, Italian or Continental, they are considering every new thing being offered to them. The real deal of this restaurant is their Mughlai item. Lazeez Gold is a new addition to Mughlai places in town. This is a new junction for all your cravings where you can enjoy various Mughlai dishes like Biryani, Kebabs, Rogan Josh and many more. This Mughlai food joint is opened recently and is known for its golden ambience.

Lazeez Gold, Patna, Resturant, Bihar Lazeez Gold, Patna, Resturant, Bihar

Lazeez Gold” is a theme based restaurant where you’d find everything painted in gold. Whether it is lights, sofas, tables or walls, everything is golden in colour. The place is beautifully lit up with golden bulbs which gives you a high end experience. The restaurant has a very good customer service which adds the cherry to the top.

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Lazeez Gold” restaurant has taken care of different taste buds of Biryani lovers and included two different flavours- the Hyderabadi Biryani and the Kolkata Biryani. Cooks are hired specifically from Hyderabad and Kolkata to add that actual regional flavour to the Biryani. Other than Biryani, dishes like Kebabs, Chinese items, various Chicken and Mutton items, Desserts, Beverages, mock-tails are also in the food menu. Chicken Lahori, Chicken Baghdadi, Mutton Lahori, Mutton Baghdadi, Murgh Musallam and Raan-e-Lazeez are the speciality of Lazeez Gold. These delicious dishes are available at an affordable price. Filling cuisines like Biryani’s price range starts from as low as Rs. 130. Considering the beautiful decor and the high end lavish interiors, the price range of dishes offered is low.

Lazeez Gold, Patna, Resturant, BiharLazeez Gold, Patna, Resturant, Bihar, Gufaa BBQ Lazeez Gold, Patna, Resturant, Bihar

Lazeez Gold restaurant offers all this Mughlai and Barbecue delicacies and this unique ambience to compliment it. So our verdict is that you must give it a shot to have a never before experience. You can also order food and get it home delivered, just by calling on 7549827777.

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