Hari From Patna Has Come Out With Cheaper And Better Solar Composter

Hari From Patna Has Come Out With Cheaper And Better Solar Composter

Even while it is advantageous to produce nutrient-rich matter from kitchen scraps, doing so has its own set of drawbacks, including unpleasant odours, sticky materials, and the organic matter’s natural decomposition process. IIT-Kanpur alumni have developed a crucial fix for this.

A quick and effective composting solution, BHOOMI (Bio-composting of Horticulture & Organic Waste into Manure Indigenously) is an automatic composter that converts organic waste in less 20 days.

“This is a metal machine researched and developed with support from Engineers India Limited, and equipped with a built-in shredder, waste mixer, aerator, and temperature and humidity controller,” says Hari Shankar, founder of startup Agnys Waste Management Pvt. Ltd., a SIIC IIT Kanpur-incubated company that made the device.

The Patna-based inventor told , “My research at IIT involved working on trash management and composting. I became aware of a variety of problems people run into when making compost and made the decision to offer a solution.

The equipment must have organic garbage placed in the hopper and the lid covered in order to operate. The organic material is shred into a homogeneous and fine mixture by the built-in shredder. The machine sprays a special bacterial solution to start the decomposition process as the fine trash enters the main composting tank.

According to the 26-year-old, the unit’s mixer and air pumps ventilate support the aerobic process. The deterioration is sped up by an increase in airflow. Utilizing temperature and humidity control sensors, the combination is left to settle for a while.

Additionally, the procedure is ensured to proceed without emitting offensive odours by the carbon filter and a bottom tap to release leachate.

The compost is ready when the temperature stabilises, he continues.

The entire process, according to Hari, can be carried either manually or automatically. “A leg pump is available to aerate the tank and speed up decomposition. He continues, “The process runs for 15 minutes on electricity, but a solar panel or an energy connection also does the same work of shredding, mixing, and aerating by itself.

The start-up provides a variety of models for both mass market and household use. The smallest unit, which fits inside a balcony and can meet a family of four’s needs, is about Rs 25,000. According to him, a large unit that can process the organic waste from 100 apartments costs about Rs 8 lakh. He also claims that the unit is up to 30% less expensive than similar products on the market.

Hari points out that any bulk-generating enterprise, such as housing societies, hostels, hotels, and public institutions, can install decentralised composting.

“The design is user-friendly, and anyone can use it. Simply throw the organic trash into the machine, and the rest of the procedure will be handled automatically, he claims.

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