Embracing the Goddess in Navratra, Happy Durga Puja!!



Durga Puja



Durga Puja is the most awaited festival in India. The festival is the celebration of joy and happiness, which is being celebrated differently in various parts of the country. The nine-day long austerity of Navratri is considered very sacred in Hindu mythology. The festival is very auspicious for the people of the country.

Navratri is the celebration of all the nine incarnations of the Goddess Durga. Nine days of the festival is dedicated to the worship of Durga Maa and each day we celebrate her each avatar.


  • The very first day (Pratipada) is associated with “Shailaputri”, an incarnation of Parvati, riding a bull with a lotus in her left hand and a Trishula in her right. She is also known as the ‘daughter of mountains’, which is said to be a direct incarnation of Mahakali.


  •  The second day (Dwitiya) we worship “Brahmacharini”, an incarnation of Parvati. The Goddess is worshipped for Moksha, the endowment of peace and prosperity.


  • The third day (Tritiya) is dedicated to Goddess “Chandraghanta”. She’s worshipped as the symbol of bravery and beauty.


  • The fourth day (Chaturthi) is dedicated to “Kushmanda”, the creator of the Universe. The Goddess having eight hands and sitting on a tiger is associated with vegetation on Prithvi (earth).


  • The fifth day (Panchami) we worship “Skandamat”, the mother of Kartikeya. This day is dedicated to all the powerful and strong mothers, who would protect her child at any cost.


  • The sixth day is associated with “Katyayani”, an incarnation of Durga. The avatar is considered as the symbol of courage and is one of the most violent forms of the Goddess. The warrior Goddess, having four hands rides a lion.


  • The seventh day (Saptami) is associated with “Kalaratri”, the most ferocious forms of the Goddess. She’s the saviour for all her devotees from harm.


  • The eighth day (Ashtami) is dedicated to “Mahagauri”. The Goddess symbolizes Intelligence and Peace.


  • The ninth day (Navami) is associated with “Sidhidatri”. The Goddess of power also known as Sri Lakshmi Devi is believed to have four hands, sitting on a Lotus.



Durga Puja festival  It is not only a festival but also an emotion for all the devotees. The festival is very auspicious for the people and they have great faith in it. Basically, the festival is also known for some great food items that are served during the entire period of the puja. However, people also enjoy the bright celebration of colourful Garba and Dandia.