Guess who am I? #2

When you put the symbol ‘#’ and place a number adjacent to it ‘#1’, you are certain that there will be more numbers coming up, its definitive. But what’s not, is the ‘when’ part.

PatnaBeats brings to you another 6 extraordinary people who have made us all very proud. So, take out the critical thinker in you, analyze the facts, find out who we are talking about and most importantly, have fun in doing so.



1)    Born to an Engineer and brought up in the refinery township of Begusarai, this girl had a dream. A dream to fly free like a bird. Now, it is very often that we see little girls having such dreams but seldom we see these dreams getting accomplished. Over here, facing all challenges, fighting pessimism and against all odds, this little girl was set to make history.
Recovering spin at 20000 feet up in air, leaving a trail of jet fumes while she thrusted away in the clear blue sky, chiseling her name in History as country’s first female fighter pilot and accomplishing her childhood dream with her head held high.

Guess who am I?


2)    A Maestro, someone who single-handedly brought the shehnai onto the mainstream classical stage. Born in Bihar and went on to become one of the best among musicians in the world, getting awarded the Bharat Ratna in the year 2001.
His recitals are a very important part of Indian culture and are played on Doordarshan every year on 15th August.
In 2006, his reign of shehnai ended, the shehnai was buried along with him as gesture of respect. It was indeed very sad day for all of us and particularly for music industry.
Music he brought and what music he got, it was 21 Gun salute by Indian Army which left teary eyes.

Guess who am I?


3)    Right in the capital. It was Patna where this legend was born. Some say that he didn’t have vocal chords, rather had musical chords as not 1 or 2 but 7 of his previous generations were into singing. At 11 he runs away in search Raahat Ali khan Sb. And at 13 he performs live in front of 20000 people. At 30 he was a sensation with his music copies touched 20 million mark and was awarded Best Indian male pop artist. Ever since then there has been no turning back for him and no switching off on “bolo ta ra ra” for his fans.

Guess who am I?


4)    Cinemas it was which resulted in being the cause of his failure in academics.
The building in which he used to stay had two cinemas attached and he could hear everything. He developed a keen interest in the same, but his failure in academics was a show stopper. It was his father who pushed him out of his sorry state in Jamshedpur and made him realize his true potential.With time obviously he started excelling in things he put his hands to and there is absolutely no doubt on his excellence in filmography as he gave back to back hits in the last decade of Indian cinema.
The most recent being TAMASHA.

Guess who am I?


5)    Yet again from Bhojpur district, born on 2nd April 1942, it has been 74 strong years of his contributions to the field of mathematics. Do you know what reproducing kernels and operators with cyclic vector is? Well this gentleman received a PhD on it from university of California.
For some time, he worked in NASA but later returned to India in 1973 to teach.
He taught in prestigious institutes like ISI Kolkata, IIT Kanpur, TIFR Bombay and also gave many guest lectures. He is very well known for being allowed by Patna University to complete a 2 year BSc Hons’ course in just 1 year.

Guess who am I?


6)    Some called him mad, some called him an idiot, some said he was crazy but what he did made him a legend and he says that the naysayers only steeled his resolve.
How can one shorten a distance between two places from 55 kms to 15 kms? And how much time it might take?
For this person who used to be a coal miner, it took 20 years, few hand tools (hammer) and an unimaginable determination to tear apart a mountain leaving a 30 feet wide and 25 feet deep void, which now serves as a safe pathway for the villagers.

Guess who am I?

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