How Well Do You Know the #BrandBihar | Guess who am I ?

Guess who am I ?
There are celebrities and then there are fans. There are historical figures andeminent personalities and then then there are people who like to know more about them, draw inspiration from them and In some cases even worship them. People have been known to go to weird extents to find about the people they admire.There have been quiet a few greats who have their roots in Bihar, or in some other cases a connection of sorts with the great state. Some of these greats didn’t have it easy and have challenged all obstacles pitted against them and secured a place with the who’s who of their respective industries, today and in History. These are the same people who personify the concept of #IamBrandBihar and have earned the respect and love from all over the world. They make us proud and inspire us to do well and strive harder to make Bihar and Biharis a respected place and sect respectively and in the process regain the lost glory which these greats have worked so hard to achieve. We all know them through media and social Network but how well do we really know them. Do we all know about the intricate, the not so well known facts about our beloved greats? Let’s find out if you know your people and play this interesting game ” Guess who Am I“?


Fun & SECRETIVE facts about 6 prominent people from our state.

1) Just like his first international Test captain, Sourav Ganguly, This person also shifted his allegiances from football to cricket. He was asked to be a wicketkeeper because his school team’s regular wicketkeeper had an injury and his goalkeeping skills were well known. A blessing in disguise for India with the honorary rank of Lt Colonel by the Indian Territorial Army. Guess who am I?

2) Rarely does it happen that a human is born with extraordinary talent and even rarer is that person carving the same talent to become an example for generations to come. Born into a poor family in Munger, he didn’t let the financial circumstances block his pathway to success. At the Age of 12 he founded Manoranjan library at Simaria. At 16, he had his first poem published in chhatra sahodar By the Age 35 he had written many poems and had a collection called ‘Renuka’ which was given to Mahatma Gandhi Later in the memory of 2nd World war he wrote a poem called Kurukshetra. In 1952 he became a member of Rajya Sabha. By 1959 he was awarded the Padma Bhushan along with many other awards. In 1960’s he became the vice chancellor of Bhagalpur University. Very truly hailed as Rashtrakavi (‘National Poet’). As a mark of respect for him, his portrait was unveiled in the Central Hall of Parliament of India by the then Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh on his centenary year, 2008. Guess who am I?

3) It is a very common trend observed in successful people that they drop out of college to pursue their dreams. They get hooked to a certain idea and then there is no stopping them. For our own champaran guy, things were on a similar but elongated track. He, not once but thrice left college in between and remained hooked to an idea for 8 long years, naming it “under the blue”. Things did turn in his direction when he first received considerable attention 1984 for a documentary which after releasing, got banned in 4 days. Probably that’s what led to the attention. Today, more than 30 years later, he has proven his mettle as a director and now in 2016 he is all set to explore his skills as an actor. Guess who am I?

4) The journey from Bhojpur district of Bihar to Stony Brook of New York and then all the way back, makes a landing on the Ghosla of Mr khosla. The Dynamic Bihari boy has proven his talent on many occasions playing an astounding role in different movies. He eventually found out that his skills are not just limited to acting on the big screen. He recently developed a skill to weave as a part of his role and guess what he did after learning the skill? He plans to gift a woven jacket to the PM Narendra Modi. Guess who am I?

5) Now, how many people you know, who have turned down an Honorary Doctorate? Well this gentleman did so in 2004 when Patna University was offering him one. There are so many things said for and against this person that an entire book can be written but I choose a very strange fun fact to discuss which I came across. When a person works for government, there are quarters provided by the government for the employee, also there is a bit of land associated with the quarter where one can grow some plants and trees. Now, after more than a decade of staying at the same place, there were fruit trees grown in the compound. Turns out that even after retiring from the post, the gentleman on the request of his wife used to send servants to the quarter to get fruits and did so with complete authority claiming the trees to be of his wife’s. Wonder if Nitish Kumar ever tasted any of it. Guess who am I?

6) Now this is classy. Another of champaran’s beautiful mind, this guy went to DU for studies. Over there he learnt about a school for acting called called as National school of drama. He heard many good things about the school from the likes of Om puri, Naseeruddin shah and many others. So, as desperate as he was, he filed an application for enrollment, but got rejected. He filed again, but got rejected again. Not willing to give up on his dream to become an actor, he filed one more time and this time too his application was rejected. He felt like committing suicide. Due to his efforts, he came in notice of an actor who suggested him to Barry John, with whom he worked as a teaching assistant for some time. Then, guess what, the guy applied again and this time instead of taking him in as a student, he was straight away hired as a teacher. Guess who am I?


1) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

2) Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’

3) Prakash Jha

4) Vinay pathak

5) Laloo Prasad Yadav

6) Manoj Bajpayee