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Gaya, a place of offering food and clothes to the departed soul

In India every Pitru Paksha, numerous people throng Gaya in Bihar to perform Pind Daan so as to bring peace and salvation to the departed souls of their ancestors and other relatives.

In Hindu mythology, we were told that on Pitru Paksha, our ancestors come to earth and provide us with their blessings, and carry away our problems.

Therefore, at the time of Pitru Paksha, all people in Hinduism remember their ancestors and perform charity and religion for them. On this occasion, Pitru Paksha will last until September 25, 2022.

Held in Gaya, the Celestial City of Bihar, Pitru Paksha Mela or Pitra Paksha Mela is an annual event that’s attended by people from across the country, so as to perform the Shraadh ritual. Gaya is one of the holiest places on earth and therefore celebrating Pitru Paksha Mela is considered even more sacred if made here. The event takes place primarily in September, prior to Navaratri.

Shraadh ceremony is further called the “Pinda Daan”, a ritual that is supposed to bring salvation to our ancestors and is also a mandatory ritual in Hindu culture.

PiṇḍAs are balls of cooked rice mixed with ghee and black sesame seeds offered to ancestors during Hindu funeral rites (Antyesti) and worship (Śrāddha). Consistent with traditions in the Garuda Puran, offering a pinda to a recently departed soul helps to unite the soul with its ancestors.

The origin of Pitru Paksha Mela often dates back to the days of Buddha. It is said that he was the first one to offer Pinda Daan to Gaya. However, there are other legends too, that have a deep reference to the Pitru Paksha Mela.

In Hindu mythology, a demon or Asura, named Gaya, became so powerful that even the devs began to feel intimidated by him. Seeing in him a strong threat, they decided to kill him.

The devas managed to destroy it, but Gaya had one last wish: he wanted to be buried in the holiest city on earth. This town is now known as Gaya. The Pitru Paksha Mela takes place each year to celebrate rituals along these lines only.

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