Ganga Bridge | Bridging the gaps of prosperity, economic development & personal relations!

For years, Bihar’s 100 million people have shaped the destiny of India. Time has come for its own people to forge the destiny and make the crossover to prosperity. With this bridge over the Ganges, Bihar gets ready to rise to  contribute to India’s growth story. But for any change to happen, we need a vision fueled by ambition because everything happens twice, first in the mind and then in the world outside. While the project was conceptualized more than a decade ago, the actual construction work finally ended up a few months ago. And finally, on February 3, the rail link was put to use by the public with much fanfare and enthusiasm among the masses.

Presenting to you the journey of the rail-cum-road bridge over Ganga this is going to add more feathers to the cap of Bihar’s economic development, tourism industry and personal relations.


While North Bihar is very fertile, food grains, food processing industry etc. are more in the North; South is rich in minerals, tourismm is more active, Patna, the capital of Bihar is in South. For economic development, till the
time we establish efficient connectivity, timely processing of resources, smart marketing and all is properly interlinked together, the economic development in Bihar will not be to its full potential.

Team PatnaBeats welcomes the commissioning of the longest rail-cum-road bridge of India and congratulates each & everyone related directly or indirectly to this project from masons to engineers to ministers to people who willingly or
slightly hesitatingly gave up their land for the project.

Presenting to you some facts about the project:

Crosses: River Ganga
Locale: Patna-Sonepur
Design: K-truss bridge
Total length: 4,556 metres
Width: 10 metres
Number of spans: 36
Construction commence: 2003
Construction completion: 2015

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