Gandhi Avlokan | A step towards reviving the Mahatma
Gandhi Avlokan

Gandhi Avlokan | A step towards reviving the Mahatma

Gandhi AvlokanMohandas Karamchand Gandhi‘- the man better known as ‘Mahatma’ and ‘Bapu’ was one of the most exemplary personalities that the world ever came across. He was the pioneer of the Indian freedom struggle. A man of non-violent thoughts and actions, he gave a massive blow to the colonialists through his teachings of ahimsa.

The world has a very different image of Bapu etched in their minds, the image of a man who was strong and decisive. But little do they know about the man who was struggling both mentally and emotionally in order to keep his countrymen contented and united.

‘Bapu’ is an initiative by ‘Natmandap’.

This exhibition is conceptualized and designed by Naseeruddin, a senior journalist and activist. He has done research and selection from writings and speeches of Gandhiji. He got support from various individuals and organisations in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat for carrying out this project.

Gandhi Avlokan Gandhi Avlokan Gandhi AvlokanNatmandap is performing a play ‘Bapu’ written by Prof. Nandkishore Acharya and directed by noted director Pervez Akhtar. Javed Akhtar Khan performs as the protagonist- Gandhi. The exhibition is a side event of this dramatic performance. Now, this exhibition is being conducted independently as well. The main intention behind conducting various exhibitions, seminars and performing the play is  to bring into light the man who was not only the Father of the Nation but also an Indian and what emotional tribulations he was facing himself as an Indian while trying his best to keep the entire nation united at a time when people had forgotten all about brotherhood and humanity.

The team organised an exhibition ‘Gandhi Avlokan’ from 28th June till 5th july at Kilkari Bal Bhawan, Rajendra Nagar with a view to shed more light on Gandhiji’s personality.

The exhibition had a plethora of pictures that conveyed the state of mind of Gandhiji on various occasions. The pictures contained messages that Gandhiji wanted to convey to the entire nation.

Gandhi Avlokan Gandhi Avlokan Gandhi AvlokanOne of the pictures had the following message,

” Whether we be Muslims or Hindus, we are Indians first. In an independent India, we cannot stay together as enemies rather, we should stay as friends and brothers and inculcate brotherhood among ourselves.”

The exhibition that was exhibited at Kilkari Bal Bhawan had a hoard of young students as its viewers who not only learnt about the personality of the epitome of struggle and justice- Gandhiji, but also shared their thoughts and views regarding him and his teachings.

One of the other pictures very beautifully brought forth the emotional turmoil that he was in through this message of his,

” Whether I be alive or dead, people should always remember the pain that was inflicted on my heart and soul in this old age in the form of the country’s partition. The later generations should never consider me a part of this heart wrenching division”.

Gandhi Avlokan Gandhi AvlokanIn this present era where corruption and terrorism has taken a toll on humanity, the Father of the Nation now merely remains as a symbol on the currency notes while his teachings have been diminishing with time. This exhibition ‘Gandhi Avlokan’ was started with a view to revive the teachings of Gandhiji and it was exhibited at Kilkari Bal Bhawan because children are the future of the nation and they should be able to know what message their Father of the Nation wanted to give so that they imbibe those teachings and follow the path of ahimsa, tolerance and humanity and once again bring about a revolution in order to eradicate corruption and terrorism and rejuvenate brotherhood and unity among everyone.


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Quote of the day:You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” 
― Gandhi

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