Fundraiser for Nandani’s eyes at the Indirapuram Public School for Girls by Aayam

By: Keya Bharat

More than 200 school and college students participated in a fundraiser organized by Aayam the youth wing of Chanakya International Centre for Research Training and Action on 26th and 27th December at The Indirapuram Public School for Girls, Patna.

This fundraiser hit all the points from giving a platform to students in the areas of poetry, photography, debates, quiz to raising money for a 9 year old girl Nandini who belongs to rainbows homes. A small orphanage in the abyss of Ranvanshi Nagar is home to nearly a hundred beautiful girls living with utter thankfulness for the little that they have.

“It was in the month of October when a few members of Aayam were at rainbow homes celebrating Diwali with the kids when they came to know about Nandini and her story. The fact that the little girl had not ever seen herself as a human was the most imminent fuel in the process of making this fundraiser a success.” Said Arav Raj, Founder of Aayam.

The event was graced by the auspicious presence of Padma Shree Sr. Sudha Varghese who also runs a school called Naari Gunjan for educating the underprivileged girls in Patna. The kids from Naari Gunjan and rainbow homes showed commendable amount of potential and enthusiasm in this competition and proved their love and dedication towards something for the greater good of their own family member, Nandini.

Principal Indirapuram Public School for Girls, Arti Jha told PatnaBeats in an exclusive interview that, “It is another step in the process of sensitizing our students, towards the reality that exists in our world and bringing about awareness in them. No matter how much you try to educate children about values, it isn’t something that can be achieved simply by perusing through textbooks. A practical learning is always best when it comes to inculcating good values among the students, and hence such endeavors allow the students to broaden their horizon and feel for and help people beyond the boundaries of their own homes and friend circles. “

Here at Indirapuram Public School, we invite opportunities to sensitize the society and propagate awareness among the future of our country and the generations to come. Our school has always been a frontier when it comes to creating a metamorphosis in the thinking of the people of Patna. Through these initiatives we aim to supplement the growth of our students by providing them with holistic development experiences.” She further added.

This event has sparked a sense of pride in Aayam since it could bring so many young talented minds from all and different sections of Patna on a single platform and hence contributed to society in it’s own small ways.” Said Swetlana, a prominent member of Aayam.  

 PatnaBeats was the online media partner of the fundraiser organized by Aayam at Indirapuram Public School for Girls. PatnaBeats is committed to be a part of any good change in Bihar; especially initiative like these that helps in bringing a change in our society.

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