Five Life lessons that we need to learn from Sushant Singh's 'Dil Bechara'

Five Life lessons that we need to learn from Sushant Singh’s ‘Dil Bechara’

After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, we were all shattered! We missed him, we remembered him, we prayed for him and most of all we waited for his last movie to get released.

We all wanted to watch him for the last time, we desperately did!

On 24rth July, Friday, Hotstar released it, free to both the subscribers and non-subscribers. Hotstar crashed because of the high traffic. A large number of us watched it. (I can hear the sound of the same movie from my neighbours house).

Most of us loved it. The fact that it has a 9.8 ratings on IMDB proves the point. Many known personalities, news platforms, social media pages and of course the public has responded to the movie. And most of them have a positive review. #DilBechara , #SushantSinghRajput, #DilBecharaCreatesHistory and other hashtags have been trending since the release on Twitter.


I loved the movie. This movie is a good work of art and entertainment. A mix of romance, comedy, suspense and pain. It’s a perfect two-hour movie. Beautifully shot, compact story, intense acting, entertaining and enlightening at the same time. I personally find it quite impressive because of the reason that it’s a good balance of reality and drama.

There are so many points that I want to discuss but this article is not for that. I’m writing it to tell you more about the five lessons that we could learn from it. These five things that are said in the movie will surely push you to have a better approach towards your life;

I’ll try to not give a spoiler to those who didn’t watch it but suggest them to do it soon.

  • Hero Banne Ke Liye Popular Nahi Hona Padta, Vo Real Life Me Bhi Hote Hai

This line is very powerful meaning and has a lot more relevance to today’s life. We always search for heroism in extra-ordinary things but even the simplest, most real and basic dimensions of life have the potential of being extra-ordinarily special (or you may say heroic).

  • Usse Suffer Karna Hai Ya Nahi, Ye Use Tay Karne Do

There is this line which Kizie’s father tells her when she was not picking up Manny’s call. I think this sentence tells us that even when our relationships are on a complex turn, we must respect each other’s decisions and have faith over worry for the person on the other side.

  • Par Kizie Ka Sapna Pura Hona, Us Silly Ki Baat Hi Kuch Aur Hai

This scene is questioning the notion of practicality. Often we’ve a very practical approach towards life but many-a-times the same approach refrain us from achieving our happiness. Sometimes it’s okay and better to be silly and do what you really want to.

  • Janm Kab Lena Hai Aur Marna Kab Hai Vo Hum Decide Nahi Karte, Par Kaise Jeena Hai Vo Hum Decide Karte Hai

This defines life in a nutshell. No explanation needed! You already know, what this sentence means to us!

  • Dreams, Desires & Relationships!

It’s not some particular dialogue but the closure of the entire film. The film tells us about the chemistry of relationships and our effort for others. Manny and Kizie’s effort to complete JP’s dream film, Manny’s effort towards Kizie’s dream, kizie’s effort to be happy (after shh..) and their parents effort for them.

The movie tells us a lot about our love, care and effort to make others happy.

Lastly, my gratitude to all the star casts, director Mukesh Chabra, production company Fox Star Studios and other related personnel who gave us such a wonderful piece of art.

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