Five achievements of Bihar we can look back and embrace.


Five Achievements

This year pandemic did not fare well with a lot of us. In all of this, Bihar has its small achievements to cherish on. These are the five achievements we can count on and hope for the better times to come.

Representation matters

Amidst the struggle for achieving bare minimum in this Covid-19 pandemic, the transgender community from Bihar got a reason to feel comfortable. Reshma Prasad, Transgender activist, was made a member of the National Council for Transgender Persons, set up by the center. This is India’s first ever council formed which comprises of representatives from 10 central departments, five states and member of the community. Bihar gets a moment to celebrate Reshma Prasad’s representation and congratulate them.

Step towards equality

Despite of the covid-19 Pandemic, Bihar entered the election. With all the flouting of pandemic rules, unsatisfactory distribution of seats and inconsiderate attitude towards transgender community, we can look at the brighter side of the Bihar elections. Womxn representation in the Bihar politics made history. JD(U), gave 18% of tickets to womxn candidates, out of the parties. This was the first time in the history of India that any party shared these many seats with womxn candidates.

Win for Democracy

Despite of the covid-19 pandemic, Bihar assembly election was held. Contrary to the idea of safety, Bihar witnessed a new surge in the number of voter turnout in this election. It was higher than 2015. With this Democracy stood strong. In light of safety of the voters, number of polling booths were increased by 58%, with temperature checks, sanitizers and gloves provided to the voters. As a matter of relief, data shared by the Bihar government did not indicate any spike on the covid-19 cases.

Tourism boost

Bihar, known for Its historical monuments, is adapting itself with new architectures to boost the economy. A 20- foot- high glass floor bridge is being made in Rajgir. First glass floored bridge being in Sikkim, this is the second one being built in Bihar. Being on top gives Bihar a reason to rejoice.

Essential judgement

Patna High Court in a growing move has asked the Bihar state to enable the Transgender community to apply for the post of Constable. With this Bihar becomes the first state in the country to approach this progressive idea. We can hope to see a separate police battalion of Transgenders.