First women To Gain Master's Degree In Bihar: Ram Dulari Sinha

First women To Gain Master’s Degree In Bihar: Ram Dulari Sinha

Women have always been the emblem of courage, hard work, persistence, and patience. In every field of life, women conquer their goals through sheer labor and dedication. One of the women among them is Ram Dulari Sinha. 

Ram Dulari Sinha was born at Manikpur village in Gopalganj District of Bihar on 8th December 1922. She completed her education at Banaras Hindu University. She did her master’s at  Patna University in the subject Hindi & History. Sinha is the First women in Bihar to gain a master’s degree. She was married to Thakur Yugal Kishore Sinha in February 1938. Kishore Sinha was widely known as the father of Cooperative Movement in Bihar.

Shrimati Sinha was a nationalist, a politician, an activist, a freedom fighter, and a Socio-Political worker. In 1952, Sinha became a member of the first Bihar Assembly. She was a freedom fighter of the Indian National Congress. Then became a member of Parliament in 1962. She was the winner of the Bihar Legislative Assembly elections of 1969 from the Gopalaganj constituency. 

From 1971-77, Sinha was the state cabinet member, Government of Bihar. She was in charge of the arrangement of Labour and Employment, Tourism, Sugarcane, Social Welfare, and Parliamentary affairs. In 1980, Ram Dulari won the MP elections from Sheohar, a Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar. She was also appointed as the Union Minister of State from 1980-1984. She was in control of the Information and Broadcasting (June- Oct 1980), Labour and Rehabilitation (Oct1980- Jan1982), Industry, Steel, and Mines (Jan1982- Feb 1983), Commerce (Feb1983- Feb1984), and Home Affairs (Feb1984- Dec1984). 

Ram Dulari Sinha

In 1984, she was a member of parliament from Sheohar constituency again. She was appointed again as the Union Minister of Home Affairs in 1984-1988. In 1988, she became the Governor of Kerela. Ram Dulari Sinha was the First woman Governor from Bihar.

Sinha was a student activist and strongly supported student movements. She was the General Secretary of the Bihar State Youth Congress (1947-48), and Organising Secretary Bihar Manila Congress (1946-48). Apart from being a student activist, she was also a social activist. She was a part of women’s emancipation, anti-purdah, anti-dowery, and the abolition of untouchability campaigns. She promoted education for women and children.

Ram Dulari Sinha, having fought numerous fights in her time, effectively warded off blood cancer for a very long time before at last capitulating to it. She died on 31st August 1994. However, in a stunning showcase of detachment, not a solitary delegate of the party she served for thirty years paid a visit to the deprived family. 

Shrimati Ram Dulari Sinha is a remembrance in the hearts of Biharis. She was a changemaker that guides thousands of women, students, children to a path towards success and dedication.


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