This Bihari launched an App to solve real-time problems for the students
Filo App

This Bihari launched an App to solve real-time problems for the students

FILO: Instant Expert available over a video call.

A made in India app.

While studying, students face a lot of doubts either in understanding concepts or solving questions which are not cleared in real-time because they don’t have access to teachers at home. They either have to wait for their next class or search online. There is so much information on the internet that sorting them as per an individual requirement is itself a tiring job for a student and resources on the net are uploaded for general masses not as per the requirement of an individual. Adding misery to the lives of students is the current pandemic. Face time of teachers has been reduced to almost nil in the lives of many students and online classes are not so effective because of usual technical constraints. Students and their parents all over the country are very anxious. Their concern is not just limited to academic issues but they need the right counseling at this difficult junction when there is no clarity of their career path.

To overcome this issue, Imbesat Ahmad, IIT Kharagpur alumnus hailing from Patna along with his college friends has developed FILO, an app which enables JEE/NEET aspirants to get answers to any questions related to their subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology) in real-time (less than 60 seconds) from experts over a video call for FREE in this pandemic phase. These experts are a team of undergrads from best institutions like IITs, NITs, Medical Colleges, and some professionals. 

Filo App
Imbesat Ahmed

Filo is available on play store at

 Filo App

Filo is very time efficient, saves 400% more time than any other platform, works very well even on weak internet connectivity, and is totally ad-free and secured. Filo marks the need of students and maps it to the best possible expert available at that instant on the network. The app UI/UX has been made very minimalistic to make it a very easy to use App.

Currently, students can ask questions at any time from 12 PM to 10 PM. Within one week of launch, 500+ students downloaded and used Filo and till now 1500+ minutes of sessions have been conducted. There are around 30 Specialists registered on filo, committed to helping out the students.

It’s 10 days since we started with FILO & students from almost all over India have started calling for doubt clearance & career advice. We’re super excited to the club with NDLI & looking forward to seeing more IITian/NITian/BITSian/Medico chaps pitching in some time & impacting the lives of millions of students. says Imbesat Ahmed

This app ensures complete anonymity of students so that introverted and shy students find this app very comfortable. 

Filo received amazing reviews and feedback from students stating that asking questions and doubts in classes has been a difficult task for them and as a result of which a chain of doubts would reduce their learning speed. This might result in creating disinterest in many topics of the syllabus, especially the difficult ones. But a product like Filo would solve this problem in real-time for them. 

Sometimes students miss their classes because of internet issues and they find issues in understanding concepts in subsequent classes. Now they can learn any topic from a subject specialist at Filo and be well prepared for his next class. In this manner, students get to learn the competitive approach talking to people who’ve already aced highly competitive exams of the national level. 

In addition to academic problems, there is a lack of right counseling. Filo turns out to be very handy in solving this issue as well. Filo can easily connect any student with the concerned expert. From next week, one to one counseling sessions will start over Filo. Students of top colleges of Delhi University, BITS Pilani, top universities of Europe have also committed their time to help out the students in this difficult time. These experts can help students improve their time management, exam tips, admission application procedures, etc.

As service at Filo is free till the pandemic isn’t over. Filo needs more volunteers from IITs/NITs/Medical colleges, who can join Filo as “Specialists”. For class 11/12 students, these “Specialists” at Filo are the real Heroes who can give a sense of peace and comfort to students, by just giving them a few minutes over a call.
To apply at Filo as “Specialist”, there is a google form available at

Filo Heroes can turn out to be a real-life savior for millions of students across India.

Filo App

Imbesat has been a counselor & motivator for more than 10,000s of students for a decade. He believes & witnessed that the right guidance at the right time can change lives in unimaginable ways. He garnered this concept of Filo from his deep understanding of the requirements of today’s students to cater to the needs of millions of students of India & make learning easier for everyone.
Filo means “friend”, all we are doing on Filo is, connecting a friend in need.


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