FILO- an instant tutor app, founded by two Bihari, has raised $260K

In a five-month span, FILO has made a user base of thirty-five thousand students. It works with three thousand tutors from institutions including IIM, IIT, DU, to name a few. It has completed 1.5 million minutes of classes.

In pre-seed funding, the first investment round in business, FILO, an instant tutor app, has raised $260,000.  Better Capital, a British Investment company helped raise the fund for the company. 
An alternative to coaching institutes, FILO came as a relief to students struggling with online classes during the pandemic. The instant tutor app helps connect students with their tutor in sixty seconds of time. It provides One video call solution at a cheaper price with low internet connections.

FILO website
FILO, app user interface.

“Having taught and counseled more than ten thousand students until now, I understand the importance of self-study. In the process, one usually comes across doubts and if that is not cleared instantly, it disrupts the entire flow of study. Real-life tutor in sixty sec is a solution, no other country has found out,” says Imbesat Ahmad, Co-founder of FILO.  

Imbesat Ahmad and Shadman Anwer, ex-alumni of globally acclaimed SUPER-30, together founded FILO in October 2020. Having spent their school days struggling, at multiple levels, they aim to provide quality education at a very low cost using technological innovation.

FILO website
Imbesat Ahmad and Shadman Anwer, founders of FILO.

“The idea behind FILO was to reach out to one million students at once, which can’t be possible through physical class,” opines the Co-founder. 

FILO claims to be different from leading Ed-tech applications. “Other Ed-tech applications are providing visual and written information on their platforms; we go ahead and provide live doubt clearance sessions. Topics are the same for everyone, but doubt is subjective to students, hence needs exclusive help,” says the co-founder.
“Doubts are not limited to tough questions, it can also be conceptual understanding,” shares Shama Chakraborty, a user of the FILO app.

Initially, FILO’s demand was in Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Rajasthan. Progressively its demand increased in Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. 

While addressing the language barrier, it makes its services available in students’ mother tongue. “The app started with providing guidance in Hindi and English and later on its demand increased in Tamil and Telugu belt,” shares co-founder. 

In a five-month span, FILO has made a user base of thirty-five thousand students. It works with three thousand tutors from institutions including IIM, IIT, DU, to name a few. It has completed 1.5 million minutes of classes.
With five thousand classes in a day, it provides solutions to Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and NTSC (National Talent Search Examination) related queries at present. 

“We are also planning to launch courses on Humanities in the coming days,” adds the co-founder. 

FILO website

As per the app, a student can use a free video call guide session for thirty minutes a day. Referral codes further extends the free guide service. Ten to fifteen rupees per session is the charge, as it exceeds thirty minutes.  

The video streaming continues at low internet connections, making accessibility easier for rural areas in specific, claims FILO. 

“Yesterday a student told me her parents are facing financial crunch and she’s satisfied with this app, as they can’t afford a tutor for her,” shares Insha Jan, a teacher, on her experience with the students.

Adding to the user-friendly feature of the app, Imbesat Ahmad shares, “Keeping in mind the data security, we use our own conference applications for video calls.” 

With the funds secured with Better Capital, the company plans to extend the features of the app and increase its user and tutor base of the app. 

“Having graduated from IIT Kharagpur, I have hardly seen students from lower socio-economic groups reaching the institute. So, the raised funds are directed towards providing a better experience to the education deprived sections,” shares Ahmad.

With its newly launched Micro blogging series, FILO claims to make study easy for the students. Micro blogging series fragments the subject into topic-specific materials. 

Department of School Education and Literacy Development, Jharkhand, has collaborated with FILO on its Micro blogging series. It plans to extend it to the government schools of the state. Micro blogging provides topic-based packages in ten rupees.  

“We plan to implement the same pattern in the schools of Bihar,” shares Ahmed about his initiative for the education of Bihar. 

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