Famous & Delicious Khaja of Bihar with Geographical Indication Tag

Famous & Delicious Khaja of Bihar with Geographical Indication Tag


Khaja is very rich item in terms of  food in Bihar. Considering Bihar the very first thing that comes in our mind is it’s appealing and mouthwatering dishes and snacks. Bihar has always been famous for it’s fooding in the country. The state consist, variety of tasty and scrumptious food items, that is popular all over and it is one of them. The crispy delicious dessert Khaja come up with the wheat flour, sugar and mawa, which is then get fry in oil and then have a absolute dip over soak in a hot sugar syrup where it absorbs all the sweetness of the sugar in itself, which gives it a wafery texture and yet melts in our mouth.

This unique dessert is majorly popular in the states, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Khaja is a word that every Bihari will relate to and people here has a special connection towards the food item. The people of Odisha aswell enjoys the sweetness of Khaja.


It is also very popular in Nepal among it’s Maithali and Bhojpuri community, specially at the time of Chhath Puja. It is in the air all around that the best of the same are present in Rajgir, Bihar. Rajgir is very famous for its Khaja No doubt!!, on the way to Rajgir we can find a number of sweet shops which are well – famous for Khajas. It is a very important essential in the weddings aswell and it has a very special importance in the state Bihar. Sending baskets of Khaja to your in-laws during the wedding, has become a ritual for the people of Bihar.


We can easily find the presence during the festival of Chhatt. It is being consider as one of the most necessary items in celebrating Chhath Puja. Khaja is believed to have it’s origin back since 2000 years and it’s delicacy and sweetness is yet maintained. Mishthan Silav Khaja, Bihar, has recently been given Geographical Indication (GI). It certainly provides the uniqueness of the same.

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