Facts related to ‘Kharna Prasad’ of Chhath Puja

Chhath is a fully-ritual based ancient festival of Hindu which possesses a great significance when it comes to being worshipped in the northern part of India, and certain regions of Uttar Pradesh and Nepal.


Astonishingly, it is just not the festival celebrated by Hindus but people of different religions also participate in this spiritual ceremony, those who are Indians as well as interested foreigners outside the Country. Because Chhath Puja can be traced back to great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, it is the only Vedic festival celebrated prominently in India. It starts on the sixth day of Hindu Calender month of ‘Kartika’, dedicating to the Sun God and his wife Usha. People who practice Chhath believe that this Puja is meant to take blessings from Lord Sun as the worship heals diseases by bringing enthusiasm, positivity, prosperity, sound health and longevity to humans.

According to the ancient rituals, one who is engaged in this Puja has to follow a strict routine for four days. The Four-Day Puja comprises of offering prayer to rising and setting sun, holy bathing, meditation while standing in the water.
On the first day, devotees are involved in taking a holy dip in the river Kosi, Ganga or Karnali after which the holy water is taken home to prepare the offerings. The second day is Lohanda or says it “Kharna- the initial day of fasting till the late sunset evening. The third and fourth day is for Sandhya Arghya (evening offering) and Bihiniya Arghya (Morning offering) respectively.


Kharna is not just a derived Vedic ceremony of Hindu religion but it holds contemporary significance and more of Vedas culture as it has some deep scientific reasons behind its existence. On the very second day of the Chhath Puja, devotees’ bodies and souls get detoxicated. On the day of Lohanda, devotees prepare Gur ( jaggery) ki kheer and roti with much purity and spiritual mind. During sunset, rituals take place and then, the devotees are required to perform a practice of Prasad-Grahan which means they have to Grahan (eat) prasad of Surya Bhagwan following prayers after which Kheer-Roti and fruits are distributed amongst other family members, neighbours, relatives, friends and everyone who is called for collecting Lohanda Prasad.

Traditionally, once the person has eaten the prasad, he/she is asked to avoid eating salted food, which has a scientific reason behind it if we trace its existence in ancient Indian epics.

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Apart from the wholesome prayer of the day, this day is a very righteous, decent and respectable celebration in which people love to sit and eat Prasad irrespective of age and gender. This day brings people to get together and spend time with a holy mind and mood.

Lohanda is a unique-cultured ceremony which is the highly social day everyone connected with the festival.

Interestingly, when we ask how it feels from the one who has been involved into this day misses no chance for happily describing things as per their accent in their way, their style; whether it’s about Lohande ki kheer or Rasiya, starting from Nahaye khaye and ending it by talking about Paran.

Moreover, this holy day is damn ethical, social and edifying festival of a pure soul, positivity, progress, dedication and well being.

It is a message to every folk out there to even just see a little side of this auspicious Chhath Puja, you can’t wonder how beautiful you would feel, how pure your soul would be, how honourable you be greeted and how lovingly you will be treated. Patnabeats wishes you a Happy Lohanda, full of joys and emotions.

Pictures by Saurav Anuraj

Written by Priya Jyotsna

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