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Facts about Darbhanga Fort you must know

Darbhanga is also known as the mithila capital of Bihar with it’s rich musical, folk art and literary traditions continuing from centuries. A city which is embellished with many rambling forts, and one of them is Darbhanga Fort.  It is less popularly assumed as the 2nd Lal Quila of India.

It’s not just a fort or a tourist spot but also one of the city’s iconic monuments. Here are some of the facts you must know about :

1.Darbhanga Fort is also known as Raj Quila of Darbhanga. It was built in the 20th century and established by Maharaja Kameshwar Singh. It was once the stately abode of the Darbhanga Raj family.

2.It is a symbol of Mithila Culture having great architectural works and wall. It was built up using red bricks and the walls are 1 km long and 500 meters wide. A pit was constructed around the wall within the fort. It was filled with equal level of water in order to protect the fort and the Raj family.

darbhanga fort


3.The main entrance gate of darbhanga fort is called as Sinhala. It is one of it’s major attractions which draws inspiration from Buland Darwaja of Fatehpur,Sikri . Although most of the fort’s structure now lies in a state of disrepair but still it’s regal appeal is intact.

4.There are two palaces inside this fort. One of them is Rambagh Palace, which is a renowned place of worship. It is believed that the raj family used to worship their Kul Devtas. The another one got destroyed during earthquake of 1970. Despite these two palaces, this fort has several nearby palaces such as Bela Bagh, Dilkhush Palace and Moti Mahal.

darbhanga fort

5.Despite being a iconic tourist spot, very less people know that Darbhanga Fort is 9ft ,higher than Lal Quila, New Delhi. During the construction, thousands of artisans were employed by a Calcutta based company to build the walls. 

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6.The construction of the three sides of walls of Darbhanga Fort was completed and India got independence from British Rule when the wall of western part was being constructed. The construction was incomplete due to ban by High Court during independence as due to placement of new authority.

darbhanga fort

7.After the death of Maharaja Kameshwar Singh, his successors started selling plots of several palaces. The people who bought those plots built colonies and houses. Now in those, hotels, restaurants and shops are placed.

8.In spite of this, Darbhanga Fort is still a center of attraction for Darbhanga and for the mithila culture. Years later after independence, the caretaking and responsibility took over by archaeological survey department of India and darbhanga police.

Hope you liked to get to know these facts about the fort of the State.

-Rahul Kumar

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