Golden Moments

Exceptional Aura & Special Thematic Banquet Hall, Golden Moments

Golden Moments

A get-together on any of the auspicious occasion provides the generic relief and belief over the human beings to interact for the better good. Like the same Golden Moments, a Banquet Hall with all sorts of facilities evokes around the idea of the same and release the best place in the genre.

Golden Moments brings to you an amazing mix of richness and class. It gives you the ideal space to praise your significant days and for all time scratch them in your memory as the absolute and most lovely snapshots of your life.

Golden Moments, Danapur, Patna, is comprised of a feast corridor and a yard that can oblige a couple hundred of your visitors when consolidated. Done up in brilliant insides with the essential style topic being founded on the shading gold, the lobby sports a dignified feel.

Stunning and highly professional dish makers are part of the same which genuinely provide you with the breathtaking experience of food. Special Kashi Chaat is a real deal for all of us and here Golden Moments provide you with the same with the authentic taste. Any cuisine seems to be the pleasure for the palate for sure.

Golden Moments


Set off Bailey Road in Danapur, it is 10 minutes from Danapur Railway Station, 15 minutes from Patliputra Junction, and 20 minutes from Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport, demonstrating attainable for everybody paying little mind to the choice they select. For the individuals who decide to drive down here, Golden Moments, Patna, Danapur, furnishes a restricted parking spot alongside valet benefits subsequently offering accommodation to all.

The unconventionally improved and adroitly outfitted grass further adds to the charm of Golden Moments. Such a ravishing scene is ideal for weddings, gatherings, sangeet, commitment capacities, advancement parties, wedding commemorations and rich birthday events, goodbye parties, pledge drives, social gatherings of selective nature, upscale corporate gatherings, gatherings, executive gatherings, and then some.

Golden Moments


Golden Moments covers providing food just as stylistic theme administrations, leaving next to no for you to stress over. Exceptional aura and special thematic crease are on the rundown of advantages of this staggering scene. Patna is an excellent city with an intriguing history and a rich culture and makes it exceptionally clear through its landmarks and vacation destinations.

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