‘Ek Roti’, an initiative by youths of Patna for feeding empty stomach and spreading humanity

Patna: Franz Kafka once said “So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.Ek Roti is an initiative started by a group of students in December 2015 at Jehanabad district of Bihar. Their prime focus was on collection of left over food from different households, restaurants, hotels, parties or any other social gatherings. Before collecting the food, volunteers go through a check, regarding the quality. Carrying special freezer boxes with them, volunteers keep a spectacle eye over the edibles handed over to them before placing them in the boxes so that the process of distribution doesn’t get hampered. Volunteers registered the families who wanted to donate food on a regular basis.

“Some families keep warm food ready before we arrive, and if there is no left over food they make a few chapattis for donation, early in the morning at collection time.” Anam of Ek Roti told PatnaBeats.

Currently they are working with around 200+ homes in overall circulation in Jehanabad on a daily basis.

ek rotiEk Roti also send its volunteers to visit different hospitals , where people come from different corners of the suburbs to get medical aid, but at certain times they run out of budget, and Ek Roti helps them by providing food. Apart from food , they also take goods in their donation and provide it to the needy, as used bicycles and other materials. Monetary contribution is neglected by them as they fund themselves by volunteer funding of rupees 100-200 a month.

Giving back to society is what their motive has always been, apart from hunger they also deal with human trafficking in their work practice. Volunteers keep a keen eye over the kids who come to receive free food, whether they are coming from any gang or any muscle man is controlling them. They collect information regarding these kids and let them free with the help of local police. They keep informing people to refrain from providing cash rather feed them and assist them from these goons who keep a remote control over the life of these kids.They are also connected with two other NGOs in this business and have rescued about 17 young lives successfully.

Despite having no political influence, they are doing this social service since 2015. They are now planning to expand this to Patna and will run in a flow from June 10. The registration process has been initiated and people willing to contribute can get enrolled. Hotels, Restaurants and other food providing units are welcome, and their names will also be displayed on their collection vehicle. Their initial target of collection in phase 1of Patna is around 2000 homes from Boring Road area. The phase 2 of Patna may include Kankerbagh and several other areas. Girls of capital have shown their concern towards this initiative by enrolling themselves in a huge number; boys also need to buck up. Patna team consists of  Anam Fatima, Prachi, Anupam, Anshika, Anjula, Dr Farheen and 15 others, the team is lead under the guidance of Aman Deep Sharma.  Although at the end of the day they feel proud to be called as a team “Ek Roti”. To join this initiative, give a call or whatsapp at 9471352198.

PatnaBeats brings this story to you and hopes that Patna doesn’t disappoint these young minds who came up with such social oriented organisation; rather hopes to encourage other ignited minds of our city to come up with other initiatives to tackle social issues which have hindered our development in this contemporary world.

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