Dry Fish Business In The State Providing Employment To Hundreds
dry fish business

Dry Fish Business In The State Providing Employment To Hundreds

Dry fish business in the city of Bihar, hundreds of families getting employment.

dry fish business

In the Saran district of Bihar, the business of dry fish is now catching pace and providing employment opportunities to hundreds of families. The dry fish prepared here is transported to various markets in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal, where there is a lot of demand for it. On one hand, the economic condition of the people associated with this business of fish is getting stronger, on the other hand, in the adverse weather of Kharmas, hundreds of families associated with this business are getting a source of livelihood.

These days majority of people are involved in the dry fish business in different areas of Dighwara and Sonpur blocks of the Saran district and dry fish is becoming the medium of earning of these traders. From the Nizamchak of Dighwara to Sonpur, Nayagaon, and Bakarpur, there is a day-to-day business of dry fish at the under-construction foreland.

The fish are dried for several kilometers on the southern part of the under-construction foreland, and later the traders from far and wide reach these places and buy the fish and take it to different parts of the country.

Due to its high consumption in different parts of West Bengal, its supply is more in this state. Drying of this and other small fish is more. No warehouse is required for storage.

Hundreds of people of Rasulpur Panchayat of Nayagaon in the Sonpur block are involved in the trade, in which the percentage of people of Mallah caste is also very high. People belonging to other castes are also associated with this business, who get a good income by selling dry fish. As the month of Kharmas is going on, employment opportunities have come down, but it has not affected the income of the people involved in this dry fish business.

dry fish business


According to the information, the fish are laid on the foreland under construction and after drying it for seven days to 10 days, these fishes are harvested and then fishes of good quality are sold to the traders.

This gives good income to the people associated with the fish trade. The laborers associated with pruning work get wages at the rate of 200 to 300 rupees per day and they are engrossed in the work of pruning the fish from morning to evening. Shyamjit Mahato, associated with this trade, says that it is sold in many districts of Bihar and West Bengal, including Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh and Siliguri in West Bengal. Many times traders from those areas come and buy these dry fish.

The price is similar to the quality of fish. A large number of traders from Sarai in the Vaishali district of Bihar reach the under-construction road and buy dry fish and send it to different districts of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Bihar, which earns them a good income.

More than 100 families of Dighwara, Sonpur, Dariapur blocks get employment from this business.

About two hundred daily laborers get continuous work for three months.

Skilled laborers are needed to select fish.

More than five dozen people of Rasulpur Panchayat of Nayagaon in Sonpur block get employment for a limited period.

Every day, dry fishes worth 50 thousand to one lakh are traded.

Fish trade is good when it is sunny.

Prepared fishes reach many districts of Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal including Saran, Samastipur, Vaishali, Muzaffarpur, Begusarai, Khagaria, Patna.

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