This Doctor from Patna Treats Your Fashion Sense | Meet Dr. D Das, The doctor of Footwear.

Dr Dooman Das, Dr D Das , Patna

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” -Robert Collier 

We often say that consistency is the key to success but we forget what consistency might be in reality.

Here at PatnaBeats, we bring you a tale of 43 years long saga with the experiments of Mr Doman Das which changed his life completely.

Doctor of  Footwear and Fashion Statement

Our city Patna has a doctor of a very peculiar traits and who might not be able to cure you or your pet but your style statement at your foot. Yes! You guessed it, he is a doctor of Shoes. This gentleman is  a shoe doctor who has been tearing leather for the past 40 years in our city.  By observing his authority of influencing shoes and making repairs, people  call him “ Doctor Sahab ”.  He has also opened his leather clinic. We are discussing the celebrated footwear specialist of Patna, Dr D Das. His work is not only restricted to Bureaucrats and Ministers of our country, but Hindi and Bhojpuri Film Industries has also been mesmerized by his specialty in shoes.

Dr Dooman Das, Dr D Das , Patna

Dr. D Das, who sits at his leather clinic in Karbigahiya, Patna, brings up that even for some Bollywood movies, special shoes have been procured from him. People say that they call him a leather doctor or “ Doctor Sahab ”  because he operates the leather just like a surgeon does the operation of the patient, he also treats the shoes. He has additionally taken the training for preparation of Leather Technology as well.

Dr. D Das’ shoes production line has been making an uncommon check among the general population throughout the previous 30 years. Here you will find excellent, sturdy and durable shoes such as boots made of branded companies at low rates.Their ubiquity can be assessed by the fact that Lalu Prasad Yadav, Nitish Kumar and numerous other huge pioneers make shoes from special order requests for themselves.


Let’s Begin from the Beginning

59 years old Dr. D Das, told PatnaBeats that he used to clean boots in Patna’s Gandhi Maidan at 7 years old.

He explains that in 1965 in some way or another individuals used to clean their shoes and wear their lives. At that point he began taking a shot at the walkway close to the Mahavir Mandir at Patna Junction. Due to being occupied with making shoe, and other processes related to it, he step by step began obtaining the title.

Dr Dooman Das, Dr D Das , Patna

The eighth pass, Dr. Doman Das got a formal training in Leather Technology in 1989. At that point in the Karbigahiya of Patna opened its facility under the name of Dr. D Das. Their ubiquity continuously expanded among the general population. From vast scale officers to school going youth, they began making shoes by making exceptional requests and special orders. To make the boot, people started reaching here from far and wide. Even NRIs living abroad also started shouting their shoes made from them.

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Domen Das told that shoes produced by him have traveled to Dubai, United States of  America, England and many other foreign lands. They say that if they take a photograph of any shoe, then they will make the same shoe. 

Costs are much lower than enormous multinational organizations

Doman Das says that in the market which is being sold in the market, the rexine boots are safe for wellbeing. There are only four or five footwear organizations that use the right leather He said the shoes made here are of genuine leather. The individuals who don’t have any illness because of wearing in their feet. In the meantime their shoe rates are lower than other marked multinational organizations. They say that those shoes that pitch marked organizations for 5000 to 6000 thousand, they can be found here in the vicinity of 1200 and 1500. Students are given special discounts on their behalf.

Dr Dooman Das, Dr D Das , Patna


Dr. Das on  socio political level  is also concerned about his people and has been battling for Ravidas society moreover.

Dr. Doman Das has been battling for his work and also for the  people of Ravidas (Mochi) society. Doman has always been conversing with the authorities and members of the legislature for the privileges of mochies. They have also launched several campaigns for the increase in the daily wages of the mouches. For their upliftment, he has officially arranged an undertaking to open a leather industry at Masaurhi in Bihar; is conversing with the administration for this. Not just this,  Dr. D Das has also created employment opportunities in his own place and employed many cobblers on their own.

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